5 Best Battery Cases for Pokémon Go Battery Drain

no battery to catch pokemon

As the king of successful mobile game in 2016, it is not exaggerate to say Pokémon Go refreshes the influence that mobile game can do for the world. The smartphone problem brought by Pokémon Go is Battery Drain. Pokémon Go is the No.1 in not only gaming but also battery drain of cellphone. In order to expand the capacity of your cellphone, to get emergency power for cellphone, and to catch more Pokémon, getting an extra portable battery becomes necessary. Power banks Pokémon Go for  can be one of your choice, but battery cases should be the most convenience way. Now, it is time for Pokémon Go fans to find a battery case for your iPhone 6/6s.

no battery to catch pokemon

UNU iPhone 6 Battery Case for Pokémon Go 

It is the thinnest battery case for iPhone 6, which is just made of 2-pieces. You can put on and take down it easily and quickly. The 3100mAh capacity can provides more than 100% battery life equivalent to add more than 16 hours talking time or more than 13 hours web browsing time. So, it should be useful when you can’t give up the Pokémon Go because of power shortage.

UNU iPhone 6 Battery Case

Anker Ultra Slim Extended iPhone 6/6s Battery Case for Pokémon Go 

2850mAh capacity means 1.2 times battery life. It allows you to have 3 more hours enjoy Pokémon Go and catch your Pokémon. Although this case doubles the battery life for iPhone 6/6s, it is still incredibly slim in size. Considering the battery life it offers, you’d better left 0.2 times battery life for emergency cellphone using.

Anker Ultra Slim Extended iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

EasyAcc 3500mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case for Pokémon Go  

The fashion design of this case makes it perfectly fit Pokémon trainers. The 360° protection for iPhone 6 keeps the phone safe when you walk on the street and look for Pokémon, and buckles on the top will lock your iPhone 6 more tide and safely. There is no worry for you to walk further than original distance to catch some new Pokémon as it offers you 150% additional battery life.

EasyAcc 3500mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case

LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Battery Case  for Pokémon Go

The case includes a built-in scratch protector to make your iPhone waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and drop proof. So, you can catch Pokémon without any worry of the environment. Whether you want catch Goldeen in the water or looking for more Pokémon when snowing, your iPhone 6/6s will still be safe. There three different colors and some of you may want a blue case to fit the Pokémon style more.

LifeProof iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Battery Case

Trianium iPhone 6/6s Battery cases for Pokémon Go

For more and cute color of cases, you may consider this one, which even offer pink for girl Pokémon trainer. The capacity, 3100mAh, is also powerful for more than 3 hour playing. The simply and small design let it fit your hands and pocket perfectly.

Trianium iPhone 6/6s Battery cases

Beside the batteries and power banks for help  for Pokémon Go stay in your cellphone longer, you may still need some Pokémon Go battery save tips 

5 Best Battery Cases for Pokémon Go Battery Drain》有28个想法

  1. I don’t really like battery cases, the smartphone become too thick. I prefer a great powerbank!

  2. I would love a battery/case that was thick rubber coated for dropping damage while Pokemon hunting

  3. I think the power cases are a good thing to have but are a but bulky to carry around with you.

  4. Absolutely,Battery cases are convenient and easy to carry and the advantage with battery cases is that it doesn’t come along with qires unlike powerbanks which need to be connected to our phone throa USB cable.

  5. Considering how the game drains the battery I think this is really a cool and useful solution without carrying power banks with us 🙂

  6. Any of these solutions are great for everyone that wants to enjoy this game a while longer 😀

  7. I love to end the irritating feel of draining battery and in that way I can focus on catching more Pokémon

  8. Great idea. Nothing is worse than trying to do something with your phone and losing power.

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