15 Functions of Apple Watch

Functions of apple watch

Functions of apple watch

Apple Watch is a function expansion of iPhone and a brilliant notification and control center. In case of missing any message, there are some built-in functions are necessary.


When there is a message, Apple Watch will notice the users and let users check and reply directly through it by using voice message. It also offers some emotion icons. But considering about the battery life and eyes’ health, it is not a good idea to use it all the time.


You may miss a call when iPhone stay in your bag, but this won’t happen if you have an Apple Watch. The dial plate will show the name of callers and you can accept or refuse directly through Apple Watch and the ring will disappear after you cover the dial plate by hand. It looks strange to answer a phone by a watch, so you may transfer the call to your phone.

apple watch phone message email


Email is pretty important for business man and it is necessary to check email through Apple Watch. Except writing back, you can check, mark, read, and delete the email faster.


Besides time, date is the other info that you can find in Apple Watch functions. The same as iPhone, the schedule will show in the Apple Watch that you can manage it.


One of the most important functions for Apple Watch is collecting exercise data and this is what Activity made for. But all the information it collect is saved in iPhone, which means if you loss the phone you loss the health data.



This is another sports App in Apple Watch, which can record your exercise data. There is a difference between this and Activity. This is not record every time. Users need to open it before exercise.


This is an app for managing cards and ticket, but it just supports cards or tickets from some Apps. Just image how cool it is to walk into a cinema or boarding after raising your hand. But please be aware of the battery left in your Apple Watch

apple watch passport notification


Smart devices make people lazy. In some places, voice controls takes place of keyboard and becomes the best enter way, such as driving. This will be more helpful in Apple Watch.

Camera Remote

Apple Watch can be a camera remote for iPhone, and then you can really do selfie by your own. Just put your iPhone in the right way and press shutter and you can get your selfie. This function will be better based on a special tripod.

apple watch camera remote


Since the camera function is possible for Apple Watch, photo function won’t disappear. But limited by the screen size, this is more for convenience.


Apple Watch also adds many daily services, and weather is one of it. But the function is more basic and for convenience.


For time, there are four part, world clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer. There is a built-in reminder. Apple Watch is better at reminding than phone.

Apple watch timing


After add stock code in your iPhone, you can check the trend anytime. This is a great function for investor.


After so many App, setting is still the first and most important part. This includes how the massage shows or the reminding way. It is easier to set in your watch than in your phone.


Above are the built-in function for Apple Watch, and there are more and more third-party App support Apple Watch now.

15 Functions of Apple Watch》有36个想法

  1. It will be well worth it! You don”t have to always have your phone in your hand and it has everything you need. I think this is great to have!

  2. I don’t think they are worth the money but I aslo think that it’s not their point they are functional jewellery and as such I would love one

  3. I don’t wear a regular watch and don’t see a need for wearing another connected device

  4. Not really, as it’s expensive as compared to some other smart watches . You can get a decent smartwatch at low prices as well which can serve the purpose.

  5. No, i prefer smartwatches with Android Wear on board. Furthermore, the Apple Watch is too expensive.

  6. for less than 150$ I may buy it, but for more of that I won’t for sure. even if I receive for free a more than 150$ smartwatch I think I will rather sell it than keeping it.

  7. I don’t use Apple products. i don’t have much things to be doing, my phone works just fine to do what a watch does. so i don’t think its worth it.

  8. For someone that has a lot of money to spend and wants a really nice smartwatch then it’s worth it 🙂

  9. Since I love Apple I really have to say this is a must have product.
    From what I’ve seen I loved it 😀

  10. I think it’s too expensive to think it’s even worth to buy it. If it’s cheap then totally agree it’s worth the buy 😉

  11. I didn’t really see any need for one, but the more I read the more i am interested

  12. Yes, worth it to buy, if anyone can neglect its price. ?
    Its design, features & Software/Security are made it worth buying.

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