Which GoPro Should I Get?

which gopro to get

Which GoPro Should I Get

GoPro has attracted a lot of consumers with its small, tough and simple appearance. Be different from other kinds of camera, GoPro is designed to be attached to helmets, surfboards cars or the other objects. Through the GoPro action camera, you can capture the world in high definition video in a wide-angle-fish-eye-perspective.

Recently, GoPro has been expanding its line-up of action cameras to fend off an increasingly busy end of the gadget, like Sony, Panasonic and TomTom are jumping into the action camera market. You may face a range of GoPro models with tough choice when it comes to picking the right camera for your needs and have no ideas on which GoPro should get.


Don’t worry, read following guide items, we will offer you specific action cameras for specific users. Find the most suitable GoPro for yourself!

GoPro Hero range consists of three models, Hero, Hero+ and Hero+LCD, above models do not have swappable batteries and also fixed inside their waterproof cases, which can go to depths of 40m.


GoPro Hero

which gopro to get

GoPro is the basic model among the other action cameras. If you are a casual crusader looking to shoot some stunning swimming pool visuals on your next splashing holiday, or a free spirit wanting to record an amazing road trip, well, the Hero will responsible for it. However, with its maximum framerate of 60fps, the Hero won’t be a good choice if you want to shoot-motion video. Simply put, the higher the frame rate, the smoother your video will look, the higher bitrate, then the more details will capture.

Price at $109, wow, the fun comes pretty cheap!


GoPro Hero+ / GoPro Hero +LCD

which gopro to get

In spite of the Hero +LCD includes a touchscreen LCD screen, both models are identical.

The Hero + and Hero + LCD are superior video quality to the Hero as well. They can capture video at up to 25Mb/s bitrate, and also able to shoot 8-megapixel stills. Price at $260 It would be an intelligent option for the people who wanting great quality and enhanced usability over the Hero without taking a huge dent to the wallet.


Hero4 Silver

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is characterized by GoPro LCD Touch Baspac as standard and belongs to the top of the range Hero4 Black.

It’s combined with some advanced features like night photo and night time lapse modes.

Moreover, the Hero4 Sliver will let you connect an external microphone through an optional Mini USB adaptor for improved audio capture over the build-in microphones and also you can carry a spare with you as its replaceable battery.


Which GoPro should I get?

which gopro to get

It’s quite difficult to answer the question like which GoPro should i get? Well, it’s depends on what fractures you need and which price you would accept. Personally speaking, I would recommend the Hero+ LCD as the entry-level option. The Hero4 Session would be suitable for the people who are looking for professional features, like you are run a YouTube channel, partake in extreme sports or something like that. The only model we’re most weary of is the Hero, because it lacks wireless connectivity and too basic.


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