Home Button Not Working? Know How To Get Home Button On Screen For Help

To make use a phone easier, designers and manufacturers just follow the tendency to simplify the panel as a single button, that is the home button. Have you found that most manipulations are realized on the screen? The only thing needs to do is to press the home button to finish, then you start the next step. However, press the home button with high frequency means it will have a short life. What will you do if the home button not working? Get a brand-new phone or bring it to a phone retail store? Sigh for the fragile phone when you are upset where to fix it. Actually, here is a hidden home button on the screen. Try to get it our for help and you will make the physical home button last a long usage.


Follow These Steps To Know How To Get Home Button On Screen For iPhone.

1. All the mystery live in the settings, just open it.how-to-get-home-button-on-screen-2

2. Go to find the General>Accessibility


3. Scroll down and stop when you see the INTERACTION zone and it’s easy to find the Assistive Touch. Tap it to get into next step, switch the button to make it turn green.


4. You will get a home button on the screen and you could use it as the physical home button now.


Maybe it’s a not very new practical tip on how to get home button on screen, but there still are great Apple Fans use the physical home button only. Just share it with more friends to ensure their HOME BUTTON a long working time.

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12 thoughts on “Home Button Not Working? Know How To Get Home Button On Screen For Help

  1. Thanks for letting your readers know how to get a home button on the iPhone 6, if necessary. I really appreciate the tip.


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