Best Places to Go on Vacation: Spring and Summer

go best places on vacation

No matter for a travel fan or a travel freshman, deciding where to go on vacation is always hard. Many elements, weather, costs, distance, or scenery, need to be measured to find the best vacation destination. Travellers always have a list of places want to go in the future, and it is still hard to pick which one to go first.  

 go best places on vacation

Different weather bring different sceneries, it is also important to go the right place in the best time. It is right that you can get different but beautiful sceneries in one place for four seasons, but if you have the limit time and chance, lots of people may prefer to find the right time. Now, where is the best travel destination for your vacation on spring and summer?


yosemite national park for spring

Yosemite National Park

Spring is the time that the snow in the mountain thaw and fallen down, which brings the wet season to Yosemite National Park. If you just have a short spring break, this is a good choice.  It is famous for water and rock. You can explore falls and alleys there and the moisture and forest will bring you to a wonderland. You can also overcome yourself here by climbing the famous granite. If you are a hiking or camping fan, Yosemite should be at least one of your dream place for the El Capitan and Half Dome, which will be a milestone in your hiking record. Yosemite is definitely worth to shown in your list for vacation place. You may need a power bank for your longtime hiking and EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank will be a good choice for the high capacity, waterproof and flashlight. 

San diego in spring

San Diego

Do you ever heard about Carlsbad Flower Fields? It opens from March to May and is one of the top ten flower fields in the world. If this is not enough to become  a best travel destination, you will haso need to take Potato Chip Rock into concern. It is a thin rock expand to the sky.  If you acrophobia, you must go and experience the feeling of flying in the sky and shock your friends in Facebook. March or earlier is also a good time turning San Diego to a space to watch whales.  A great number of gray whales will go through there on their trip from Mexico to the North Pole. Sunshine, Beach, and Flowers, vacation necessities are all there.

Alaska best vacation destination for spring


As it comes to March, the daytime is longer enough for having fun and it is still the best time to wait for the aurora. There is a statement that people see the aurora will find happiness.  Whether is true or not, aurora is still coming like a gift from the God the beautiful your whole trip. Comparing to winter, the road condition is far more safe for driving and you can rent a car to drive to the North Pole. The weather in spring for Alaska is also better for travel, and you don’t need to cover yourself with a heavy Parka. There are also hot springs in Alaska. Just imaging how marvelous it is to enjoy the hot spring in snow and wait for aurora. Don’t forget to find to waterproof phone case to record this best travel destination.


yellowstone the best place the travel in summer

Yellowstone National Park

As the first national park, Yellowstone is a geologic encyclopaedia. There are canyons, hot springs, lakes, falls, and variety of wildlife. You can find nearly everything there. From March to October, the whole park opens to the public, which makes it a best place to travel on summer vacation. If you are a good driver and go the right time, you can experience the drive to Beartooth Highway. It is one of the most beautiful road in the U.S with cliff in one side and snow mountain in the other. You can also take a day to the Great Teton, which is just beside the Yellowstone. This trip is a experience to feel the amazing and magic nature. Tips for the trip will be a solar charger and a 26000mAh power bank

California for summer vacation


There is no doubt that California is one of the top vacation destination, especially in summer vacation. Beach and sunshine can give you a fully rest from the busy life. If you like a road trip with the sea, you should definitely drive the California Highway One from Los Angeles to San Francisco. You will drive by the sea on that road, and play with the wind and birds.  You may meet little squirrels begging for food or fatty seals laying on the beach. All the experiences are like surprises for vacation.

If you want to know more best travel destinations, please go the other page for fall and winter.

If you have some good idea for where to go on vacation, welcome to leave comments to us.


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