How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone 6?

How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone 6

Will you think it’s necessary to apply a tempered glass on iPhone 6? Although, different people have different thoughts on this subject, it seems that plenty of questions concerning how to apple tempered glass on phones will be searched on the internet. So please read the post before you apply a tempered glass on iPhone 6.

Purchase A Tempered Glass in the shop/online.

There are a lot of tempered glass with different colors and various prices for iPhone or other Android phones. But here is a kind of transparent tempered glass is made out of thin and flexible plastic sheet that sticks onto your devices’s screen using some kind of adhesive or just static electricity. This one is very practical and popular in most mobile phones because it’s easy to try how to apply tempered glass for those newbie.

And the plastic screen protectors are easy to get for basic requirement, especially, they’re incredibly cheap that you can spend $1 to afford a pack of them. It’s sufficient enough for most users.

How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone 6, purchase a tempered glass

Get All The Preparation Before Apply Tempered Glass.

Wash you hand and make sure your finger is dry and clean, You don’t want fingerprints all over your device while you’re trying to apply a screen protector, so washing your hands can eliminate most annoying fingerprint situations. A desk, a lamp, a credit card and a microfiber cloth are what you need before you apply the glass on the iPhone 6.

How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone 6, microfiber cloth

How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone

Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen clean so that there won’t be any dust and fingerprints on it. Then peel off a film on the tempered glass from A side, notice that, do not peel off the film totally to reduce the dust into screen. It can be a bit tricky and may take some practice. Plus, the iPhone 6’s display doesn’t make it easy. It’s curved on the edges, meaning that you have to be extremely precise or else the screen protector will be off-center. Try to make each hole appear in the right place, and you can use the credit card which I mentioned before to get rid of the bubbles that may form. Slowly and gently, drag the bubble towards the ends of the screen. Make sure to remove all the bubbles. At last, open the top side of the screen protector to reveal a clear tempered glass protector.

How To Apply Tempered Glass On iPhone 6, peel off the film

Get a visual direction for how to apply tempered glass on iPhone 6.

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