How to Choose a Best Phone Case for iPhone6

best phone cases for iphone6

best phone cases for iphone6

People using smartphones are growing with increasing number, especially smartphones like the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.

Now they can do things which should be done on computers, televisions and gaming consoles in previous. However, have you ever drop your smartphone in the toilet or allow them to slip from your grasp and tumble down the stairs?

Well, you may spend hundreds of dollars on your iPhone 6, and it’s not difficult to spend a little more in order to make sure your smartphone doesn’t get scratched or broken.

Today, we scouted the web in search of the best iPhone6/6s cases. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cases type for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 here, so just read them below and do remember check back for updates, as new cases are always popping up left and right.

Anyway, here we go!

Rugged Cases

best phone cases for iphone6

Rugged cases are included the air pockets and reinforced corners which dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your device. They also easy to grip, even with wet hands, but unfortunately, it’s hard to slide them in and out of pockets, as it too bulky and heavy.

Also, rugged cases could cover every angle, like the buttons and the touchscreen, which can make buttons and touchscreen be more sensitivity.

See Best recommendations of Rugged cases

BENTOBEN Shockproof Hybrid Rugged iPhone 6 Covers 

FRiEQ Full-body Heavy Duty Rugged iPhone 6S Case

CaseUp Rugged Card Slot Series TPU Cases


TPU Cases

best phone cases for iphone6

Sometimes, you may not want to see something too bulky in your pocket, thought the rugged type can actually boost your phone’s chances of surviving a fall, but you just can’t count on it.
Well, do not worry; TPU case can be good for your basic level of protection.
TPU cases are durable and slightly malleable, and also easy to fit. You may find a biggest range of styles and colors in TPU category, but make sure the cut-outs and remember that a lack of protection at the corners or a lip on the front means weak protection from falls.


Best recommendations of TPU Cases

EasyAcc Apple iPhone SE Soft TPU Case

Caloics Simpl TPU 4.7 Inches iPhone Case

iXCC Pilot Pro Series Ultra Slim Fit TPU Case for iPhone 6


Battery Cases

best phone cases for iphone6

As we all know that, for smartphones, poor battery life is very important in smartphones chosen. Thanks to the technology, now we can look into getting an extended battery cases. They typically have a battery built in that’s capable of juicing your smartphone for few hours.
Actually, a lot of battery cases in the market are not really designed to offer much protection, so do clearly of your priority on choosing a phone case.

Best recommendations of Battery Cases

iXCC 3100mah External Battery Backup Charging Case

Trianium iPhone 6 6S Portable Charger Charging Case

BSWHW Stand Charger External Power Bank Case

best phone cases for iphone6

It’s great if you can get the chance to take a look at some cases and get a hands-on feel before you buy. It can also be a good idea to buy a couple of cases for different. For example, take the TPU cases at the office and rugged case for your hiking or any other outdoor activities.
Anyway, we would like to hear about your experience with the iPhone 6 cases, just comment below!

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How to Choose a Best Phone Case for iPhone6》有20个想法

  1. Minimal always feels best, but they make phones so thin and fragile you feel like you have to get a big rugged battery-case to balance it.

  2. I like wood phone cases, but they’re very expensive. These are very cool as well.

  3. Thanks for letting your readers know what types of cases they may want to consider buying for their iPhone 6. I really appreciate it.

  4. You need to choose the case for your phone that fits your activities. Choose a rugged one for outdoor and a more refined one for everyday.

  5. I have make to crack screens in a variety of cases -nothing is crack proof totally and changing screens in different activities is so inconvenient


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