How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass?

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass cover

What happened to your iPhone 6 glass? Need to replace the broken iPhone 6 glass right now? You should read it before you know how to replace iPhone 6 glass.

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass

OMG, what did I do five minutes ago? The iPhone 6 fell down from my hand that I couldn’t catch it. Then, the glass is broken. It’s badly smashed and what I tried to do is bring it to Apple and have them replace the iPhone 6 glass for more than one hundred dollars. It’s costly and you may need to live without a iPhone for several days, oh, that’s tedious. So how to replace iPhone 6 glass by yourself?

iPhone 6 glass broken

As we all know, the display of iPhone 6 is made of Gorilla glass that the company claims solid and safe. However, the accident happened so easy that you need to know how to replace iPhone 6 glass in emergency without Apple’s help. A guide will show you how to do it by yourself.

1. Buy A iPhone 6 Glass Replacement Fix Kit Online.

Do you know i fix it? Some iPhone 6 glass replacement tool can be purchased easy. It’s not necessarily cheap but it’s a very high quality tool.

iPhone 6 glass iFixit tool


2. Get Prepare The iPhone 6 Glass Display.

In the fix box, there is a iPhone display. If not, you should to purchase one to replace the broken one in previous. Please notice that the display should have the front camera, the mental surrounds and everything but touch ID.

iPhone 6 glass display


3. Pop the iPhone 6 display up.

Start with undo the two of the screws on the front bottom. The two pentalobe screws are proprietary screws where you need a special screwdriver in order to remove them. They come out pretty easily but what you need to do is store them someplace safe because they are incredibly small. So you take out these two screws to the display and pop it out. Here you will need a suction cup to pull the screen up, actually you can help it with the nail along the side.

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass, pop the screen up

4. Remove The Broken iPhone 6 glass display.

At the top there’s basically four or five cables that connect the display to the rest of the phone. Please remember to take the plate off and move out away when you solve all the screws for you need to pop these connectors off to free the display. After pop three connectors off, it’s easy to remove the broken iPhone 6 glass display.

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass,Remove The Broken iPhone 6 glass display

5. Remove The Touch ID Sensor 

Next you need to remove the touch ID sensor from the old display and you want to use the original as long as you can. Because if you don’t use it you’ll actually have to have apples sink the new touch ID sensor to the phone that’s for  security reasons. So this is actually connected via a tiny little connector and a lit bit glue. And it takes some work to get it off but once you pop it back into place, you just push it back down and there is a tiny little connector that connects down on the board. Please don’t forget to put the little plate back.

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass,Remove The Touch ID Sensor

6. Put The Connectors And Screws Back

Last step is putting these connects back. Notice that this part is really trick and  you have to be really careful because these connectors are so small. Find the right place you can put the five screws back into place. Then you can put the iPhone 6 glass down. Remember there are two tiny screws you pulled down about half an hour ago? Once you put them back, congratulations, you finish it and you will know how to replace iPhone 6 glass.

How To Replace iPhone 6 Glass,put the connectors and screws back

A video will work as a manual manipulation to you for how to replace iPhone 6 glass.

Also a glass protector do really helps those who already had several broken iPhone 6 glass.


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