How to Connect Macbook to Projector

There are varieties of reasons that you may need to connect your MacBook to a projector. But I am sure that not everyone knows how to connect them at first. So, here we would like to help you for that.

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connect macbook to projector1. Connect the projector with power source, and connect your MacBook with cable( If you need to know about the way to connect different kind of cables and put-in ports, you can check the page How to connect MacBook with TV. Then after you connect them, open the projector, the system in your MacBook will automatically recognize it.

macbook connected with projector

2. Open the system preference in your MacBook, and then go to display.

system preference

3. There are two option page in Display, there is no need to care about some settings like resolution, where the system will fix it automatically.

4. The problem always comes, in the first time you connect MacBook to other display, that the projector doesn’t show the content in MacBook screen. This is the special “arrangement” part in Apple. That is display for MacBook and display for projector is actually two different displays and the mouse can move from one to the other.

connect macbook to projector arrangement

5. You can also set the main display, where the dock and statusbar located in by moving the white part in arrangement.

6. If you don’t like two displays, you can click the “Mirror Displays” below to make the project show the same screen with MacBook at the same time.

connect macbook to projector mirror display

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Here we also find some answers for the problems that may occur in the process.

1. When connect MacBook to projector, the projector shows there is data input but no image.

With this problem happens, you need to check whether the resolution and refresh rate in your laptop matches the projector. Laptop always has high resolution and refresh rate. If it is better than projector, this problem occurs. You can simply solve the problem by lower these two values in laptop. In general, resolution need lower than 600*800, and refresh rate need to stay between 60Hz and 75Hz.

2. When connect MacBook to projector, the projected image gets color cast.

This problem always because of VGA connector , so you can check the joints between VGA connector and laptop and between VGA connector with projector. If the joint is stable and connect strictly, you may need to get a new VGA connector with better quality.


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