Amazing Way to Wirelessly Charge Your iPad

wireless charging iPad on desk

One of the most excited techniques today in mobile devices is the wireless charging. We always wonder when we can get a wireless charging cellphones, tablet, or even laptop to make life easier. Although Apple didn’t add wireless charging in their device yet, we still can find awesome way to add wireless charging. After tell you how to add wireless charging to your iPhone, here we find a product that is even better than normal official wireless charging, LaunchPort.

With LaunchPort, you need two part of it to get wireless charging, a sleeve and stations. The short video below simply introduced what it is.

As shown in the video, LaunchPort system includes a sleeve for iPad and any number of stations. It uses the theory of electromagnetic induction to charge, which is similar as transformer. There are two coils. One of them is in sender side and the other one is in receiver side. The sender side coil produces electromagnetic signals when connect with wired power source. Then the receiver side coil induces the electromagnetic signals and generates current to charge battery. Until here, I believe you get the point that the sleeve is the receiver side and station is the sender side.

wireless charging for iPad

It is said “hold, charge, protect” in official ads. We explained the “charge” above. Then we come to “protect” part.

LaunchPort elegant form fitting sleeve offers full protection to your iPad. It is what let wireless charging come true to you iPad. So I think, instead of saying a wireless charging for iPad, it will be better to say give your iPad a sleeve that can be wirelessly charged. You can use it in the house or outside, such as office or hotels. There is a built-in magnet in the sleeve that mounts your iPad in station. As a magnet, the sleeve can also be mounted in refrigerator or other metallic surface to safely hold your iPad. Therefore, this makes the ads said “hold”.

Base Station for Wireless charging

Consider about the “hold” character, LaunchPort offers two kinds of station. Base Station is like a holder that you can put it in desk, kitchen, meeting room, or retail store. The other one, Wall Station, just like its name, installed on the wall. IPad can be fixed in the station based on its powerful magnet.

Wall Station for Wireless charging

It is an accessory for Apple, so, as other Apple device accessories, it has a high price, $149 for the cheapest sleeve and $199 for the station. But LaunchPort is still the best way to allow you wirelessly charge your iPad.

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