Waterproof? No, Solar Panels Will Cross The Sea

Solar Panels Will Cross The Sea

Solar panels, GPS and Arduino are the ingredients for this boat which is ready to cross the sea.


The large community maker is able to realize ideas and dreams crazier than they are, where wit, curiosity and the right tools can bring us amazing projects, as we will see below consisting of a small boat powered exclusively by solar energy. Know more about the solar energy before you move on.

The project is called Seacharger and came up with the idea of participating in the Maker Fair San Francisco three years ago, during this time the project grew in an impressive way and is finally ready for his first adventure, which will consist of leaving the coast California to get to Hawaii for itself and only by solar energy.

Browse 3,200 kilometers with solar energy only

The project is just wonderful because everything was made ​​from scratch , assembling from the structure that is based on a hull made ​​of fiberglass with dimensions of 2.3 x 0.55 meters with a weight of 22.7 kilograms, up all electronic components that allow us to follow live the journey from next May 30.

Waterproof No, Solar Panels Will Cross The Sea

The propulsion system of the boat is based on a brushless propeller is connected to a transmission reduction system, this to turn the propeller slow but steady and thus not consume any energy; the soul of the boat is a pair of solar panels 100 watt Renogy on the deck, and all the energy is stored in a battery bank with 50 cells LiFePo4 installed inside a PVC had with the propulsion system.

The autopilot has Seacharger programmed from an Arduino board with GPS and satellite modem , all installed in a sealed module between the two panels on the deck of the boat, this will guide you to your destination and always know your location.

The adventure will start on May 30 and the objective will travel 3,200 kilometers from the coast of California to Hawaii , the maximum set speed is 3 knots, which predict arrive at your destination in just over three days, fortunately, the battery bank is capable of storing energy for overnight continue your journey smoothly.

 The Boat Will Cross The Sea
Solar panels, GPS and Arduino are the ingredients for this boat


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