How To Charge Power Bank 10400mAh?

How To Charge Power Bank 10400mAh?

What capabilities portable power banks have with 10400mAh? 

How To Charge  xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh?

We’ve picked up a portable power bank from Xiaomi, a prominent smartphone maker in China. The Mi Power Bank is a great product and even sells overseas due to its great qualities. The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank has a capacity of 10400mAh, and it did so well, many other manufacturers rushed to copy this battery.

You should know what’s mAh in power bank before get close to know how to charge power bank 10400mAh. Compared to 20000mAh, the 10400mAh portable powerbank is half the weight, much smaller and is cheaper too. Just because there is less capacity with the 10400mAh battery, does not mean that it is a small battery.

What Can A 10400mAh Power Bank Do?

10400mAh can recharge an iPhone 6 up to six full times. Or it can recharge a high capacity Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Android almost four full times. More detail you could get from here, How many times can a 10400mAh power bank fully charge your phone? Actually, the power bank 10400mAh could provide daily power for universal mobile phones that enables users charging on the go. For example, the EasyAcc 10400mAh battery is a must have in cases of emergencies, camping trips, work travels, and as daily companions.
Apple iPhone 4, 4S and 5S – 1440 to 1560 mAh
Apple iPhone 6, 6S – 1810mAh/2915mAh
Apple iPhone se – 1624mAh
Huawei Google Nexus 6P – 3450mAh
Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note2 – 2500 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge– 2550mAh/ 2600mAh
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge– 3000mAh/3600mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 3220mAh

There are plethora of 10400mAh Power Banks on the market, but EasyAcc stands above the rest with its high-quality, long lasting, and affordable batteries.

EasyAcc Metal Dual USB Port Power Bank 10400mAh

How To Charge EasyAcc Metal Power Bank 10400mAh

RAVPower 10400mAh 3.5A Portable Charger

How To Charge RAVPower 10400mAh 3.5A Portable Charger

Lumsing Portable Power Bank 10400mah 

How To Charge Lumsing Portable Battery Charger 10400mah

Quick Charge 2.0 AUKEY 10400mAh Power Bank

How To Charge Aukey Power Bank 10400mAh

Do You Know How To Charge Power Bank 10400mAh ?

HOW TO CHARGE A 10400mAh Power Bank

First, you need a charging cable. Actually, most Power Banks will have Micro USB charging cables or a Lightning cable for Apple products in their packages. Then, how to charge Power Bank 10400mAh? There are three ways of charging the Power Bank.  A USB chager, a laptop or a computer will provide power to the Power Bank with a charging cable easy. Notice that you should plug the USB 2.0 connector into the port of a USB charger/laptop/ computer, and the mini USB connector should be connected to the Power Bank’s input port. Once the input and the power bank are compatible, it’s easy to charge power bank 10400mAh. What’s more, you could bring a lightweight and portable power support once the power bank is fully charged.



What is mAh in power bank

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How many times can a 10400mAh power bank fully charge your phone?

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