The Best Automated Selfie Stick: Give You Floating Long Hair in Selfies

the best selfie stick

Do you like take selfies? Do you always worry about if you find the right angel? Do you want to take a selfie at night without worry about dark face? Do you want to have a floating long hair in your selfies? Just take a look at the amazing selfie stick video below you will find what you really need.

The automatic extendable stick make it easy for you to control. You will no longer to complain the length of your arms, and to worry about whether will influence others when use selfie sticks. Maybe the only thing you will be worry is that people will get shocked by the auto-extending function.

customize hair

The mini fans hid in the handle are what give you wind any where any time. There is a tactile button on the handle that you can slide. By doing that, you can get the mini fan out and send signal to turn them on. They will create wind to float your hair when do selfies.

the best selfie stick

The light panels beside your cellphone holder will help a lot when do selfies at night. The other button on the handle is the control of the light panels. When you click it, the panels will extend and give you the light for the face, and they will go back after you click the button again, which is really convenient. This is moving the camera flashing to your cellphone, and you can joy the beautiful night scene, or sunset, and pretty face in selfies at the same time.


I guess every selfie fan want the selfie stick below, so lets just wait for the coming of it. Please tell us if you know where we can get one.

To learn more tips about selfies, check the link below:

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