Introducing the Gboard, Google’s New Custom Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Last week, Google has released the first official custom keyboard for iOS. It’s called Gboard. Sounds weird? While, if you spend a majority of time on your iPhone or iPad in chat apps, it makes sense. 

All Your Googling Is Completely Private.

Just as what Gboard describes in Apple App Store, we know the things you type on your phone are personal, so we’ve designed Gboard to keep your private information private. 

However, as of now, every single thing you type will stay in your device, rather than log on a server somewhere. 

Emoji Search Is a Godsent.

Emoji Search Is a Godsent

Till now, when you’re manually scrolling around, you would find 1000+ emojis there.

With Gboard, as tapping the Emoji icon and then tapping the Google search bar, you start searching for an emoji. Just say goodbye to another different keyboard to find emojis which is something Apple should work on. All things just work surprisingly well. 

Alike suggesting words when you’re typing, Gboard will now suggest emojis too. 

emoji suggestion

Available for GIFs? Of Course. 

All third party keyboard released in 2016 support GIFs though, well, Google’s GIF support is pretty fantastic. 

How does it work?

Find a GIF you want to send — Tap it (and Gboard will copy it to the clipboard) — Go to the text area — Paste and send it. 

Available for GIFs

It Mostly Looks and Feels Like the Default Keyboard.

Whether its layout or the colors, Gboard is very similar to the default iOS keyboard. Almost iOS users don’t need to get used to typing on Gboard for the same reason. 

But Most Importantly, It’s Google in Your Keyboard.

Default Keyboard

Emoji search and GIF support are far from what Gboard will bring to you. And I mean Google search support, right in the keyboard. 

When hitting the Google button and tapping the “Search” button while typing something, the keyboard will now be repalced with search results. 

You could notice from the pics that the search results, even covering YouTube videos and links to websites, are appeared in the form of cards and easy to read. 

Then, once you tap a result, the website’s title and link will be inserted into the text field. 

Google in Your Keyboard

Also Available for Gesture Typing.

Available for Gesture Typing

Just like SwiftKey and Android’s Google Keyboard, gesture typing works pretty well. 

Well, at the moment, Gboard still has something not so cool. 

  1. 1. It’s Only Available in US and in English.
  2. 2. Not Supportive for Google’s Epic Voice Recognition System.
  3. 3. No Dark Mode.


Was Gboard enough to make you finally switch from the default keyboard? Welcome to share with us in the comments below. 




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