Top 5 TPU Cases

tpu case

tpu case

TPU is not strange to us. You may shop a smartphone case and find the word like “made by TPU material” in the product description. However, do you know what does TPU mean?

Fortunately, I find the answer successfully.

TPU is a texture which is short for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. It’s made up of plastic, elastic, rubber-like, nicks and scratches. Once your phone is getting a fierce collision, TPU case can highly protect your phone without any damage. It’s combined with durable technology and concise material which highly protect your smartphone or tablet.

With TPU case being popular in market, some questions like what the famous brands of TPU are, and how to distinguish a high-quality TPU case?

Luckily for you, today I have marked out the top 5 TPU cases and some tips for your reference!


 Top 1:  EasyAcc S7 Edge Soft TPU Cover

tpu case


The EasyAcc S7 Edge Soft TPU case is very flexible to use, as its anti-slip properties allows you to hold your phone with one hand stably.

Besides, there’s a nice grip to the cases, and the outside in the corners has got some nice protection in case the phone dropped. The case’s cut outs on the bottom or camera are doing well which can be easily touched. This case is tailor made for Samsung S7/S7 edge.

We all know that fingerprints are easily deposited on suitable surface, such as crystal material of the Samsung Phone which may affect the case’s aesthetics and feeling with low quality.

With TPU case, as its main material is madding water sets. TPU is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Urethane. The phone case of this material, feeling soft and comfortable, good shock absorption, but also will not wear the four corners of the phone like a crystal case. Also you can DIY your own cases, put your favorite picture under the clear plastic case or draw some pattern on the case’s surface. How great is it!


Top 2:  Omaker Slim Bumper Case 

tpu case


The Omaker Slim Bumper TPU Case is easy to fit your iPhone6/6s and also comfortable to hold in hand. The corners are reinforced to bear the brunt of any impact and the front has raised edges to protect your smartphone’s screen.

There are four cut out covers for power, volume, charge port and the camera which is tailor made for iPhone 6/6s.

The special pattern of dot is adopting most popular element in market which can stand out with other normal cases.


Top 3:   Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

tpu case



The Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal’s fit is superb. For example, the plastic case may lose sometimes, if your fingers are close to touch the power or volume buttons, they will be false-mixed sometime. However, in Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal, you can fit anything snugly, and the buttons are only pushed when you want them to be.


Top 4:  Abestbox Ulta Hybrid Air Cushion Crystal Clear (

tpu case


Well, another pretty TPU case would be Abestbox Ulta Hybrid Air Cushion Crystal Clear. It’s a solidly built case which is suitable for the people who can’t stand having to case their phone.

Once again, it’s another great fit that does not impede and edge function at all. Besides, the slim, thick appearance will not add any add any bulk or weight into your smartphones. There is no trouble that you can grip your S7 edge and hold it freely.


Top 5:  Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid

 tpu case


When you first see the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid cases, you’ll probably think “Wow, its looks great!” or you might recoil at the appearance on these high quality and material.

Whatever you think, the quality is really impressive with good price

Compared with above cases I mentioned, this case isn’t totally clear but more translucent. If you want show your S7/S7 edge, this may not be the preferred case for you.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid case’s corner is all reinforced protected when your smartphone got a shock.


How to choose a good TPU Case?

tpu case

Before you buy a TPU case, there are four points you should be cleared.

1: Price

First and the most import is the price. Once a TPU case over 25$, you should be taken seriously that whether it is worth to buy. As the cost of a case material will not too high to taken,

2: Feel

Feeling is the second consideration whether it is smooth or comfortable to hold in hand.

3: Fit

There are a lot of cases which are tailor made for some specific smartphone types, you should aware of whether the case suits your smartphone.

4: Button Access:

It can be classified as detail of a case. You should try it or ask the customer service whether the cut-out of your smartphone’s camera, volume and charge port can be easily touched and use.

Above all, have you got the secrets of TPU case?

We hope that you could give us more choices for TPU cases and some chosen suggestions



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