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easyacc power bank


When considering a power bank, the leader brands of power bank comes into my mind are EasyAcc and Anker, as they all enjoy eight thousands of sales volume per day on Amazon and good reputation of products quality, also kindness after sales service.

Last time, I have collected Top 5 Anker Power Banks, so many friends said that really worked on their power bank choosing and want more information about EasyAcc Power Bank.

Where power bank information are needed, there Chocolate is.

Here chocolate summarized several EasyAcc Best Power Banks from different series. It’s different to the article of EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank which I shared. Because I find that when you want to buy a power bank, you should determine what functions are in your favor, if you don’t have a clear goal, you may influenced by multifarious advertisements.

For better recommendation for Top 5 Best Power Banks, here I divided into Classic series, built in cable series, metal series and special series.

Hope it will make sense to your guys!

Test Power Banks: EasyAcc PB20000MS

No Power Bank in the test has a higher actual capacity.

Amazon Price:$32.99

The largest powerpack of EasyAcc comes with a proud capacity of 20,000mAh or 74,000mWh, which delivers even 68,650mAh in practical tests – these are all 93 percent of the manufacturer’s specification. Around six times can be a smart phone so completely recharge.

Four LEDs share if it has sufficient energy stored, or the battery pack to the charger must. If so, however, you have to show patience. Despite 2-ampere input charging still takes a correspondingly strong charger almost 11 hours a day – with a widespread 1-amp chargers there are even more than 15 hours.

The trick: This one does not have to wait that long and also has the opportunity to charge the Power Bank times overnight, there is a second micro USB input also 2 amperes. Ideally – with a second 2-amp charger – requires charging only half as long. In our test, each with a 1- and 3-ampere power supply could confirm the reasonably measured 6:55 hours.

Best Power Bank

In addition to lots of USB inputs the PB20000MS offers even a particularly large outputs, namely four. Each delivered strong 2.4 amps, but all together a maximum of 4.8 amperes. to load four phones at the same time, is possible, then takes longer than when only two docks consumer parallel.

With 450 grams and 17 x 8 x 2 centimeters ours is one of the most severe in comparison. Thus, it is more for the long camping weekend.

This Power Bank is exactly with a flashlight in a rugged enclosure. Although this is not a substitute for a real flashlight, but significantly brighter than most other models which we tested with flashlight. In addition, included are of two USB charging cable. Finally the EasyAcc PB20000MS with 44 cents per Wh one of the cheapest battery pack.

 Classic series: EasyAcc 2nd Gen Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank

easyacc power bank

A few years ago, when phones are equipped with low battery capacity, portable power banks do not need to be excessively large. However, today, with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and a lot phones with high battery capacity appeared in market, the power bank capacity under the 3000mAh seems not enough. It can only charge phone one time if you charge the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and those phones with battery capacity.

In EasyAcc 2nd 10000 Power Bank, the problem can be solved. As it’s 10000mAh capacity with only 14.4cm length, 7.5cm wide and 1.5cm depth size. It isn’t awkward at all when you put it in your pocket or whilst connected to your phone.

This power bank will makes you feel like you have a slightly thicker phone same as usual

Additional feature is its torch built. The 4-LED can be an indicator to inform you whether your power bank will fail or not.

When you are in business trip or in travel, you took out your power bank and found that there is no power inside, you may feel disappoint.

Priced at ridiculously cheap 14.95$ on Amazon, this is an absolute worth to buy and I highly recommend it to the people who need both portable size and more charging times.


Classic series: EasyAcc 20000mAh Rugged Power Bank

easyacc power bank

 You may feel amazing when you first see the EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank. The nice appearance of large green rectangular plastic slab comes from IP67 certification, which means it can totally protect when shocked or fall into the water.

The Rugged Power Bank is special designed for the people who are going to wild or camping. The EasyAcc Rugged Power Bank with 20000mAh can offer you enough power for your electronic devices during adventure. For example, it can charge a Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Note nearly 6 times or iPhone 6/6s eight times. You can also charge your camera, tablet or any other devices.

The price at 33.99$ is very cost effective with 20000mAh capacity.

Built in Cable Series: EasyAcc PB4000CB Power Bank 4000mAh

easyacc power bank

The EasyAcc PB4000CB 4000mAh Power Bank’s appearance is the same as the smartphone, you may place your mobile phone and the power bank together with a minimal amount of extra space required. Besides the power bank surface is very smooth with no glossy and sharp edges which would be a great partner of your smartphone.

As the photo described, the integrated USB cable will allows you to charge your phone or recharge any other devices. There is no need to prepare extra charging cables.

It’s also combined with 4 LED lights. You will know how much battery include. Also you will not spend the majority of the day in battery saver mode.

As its bright color and bijou appearance, I highly recommend it to office lady. You can carry it regularly in your office meeting, friend’s party. Just for any power emergency.


 Special Series: EasyAcc 9000mAh All-weather outdoor power bank

easyacc power bank

The EasyAcc 9000mAh Power Bank is tailor made for outdoor activities. The capacity of 9000mAh can charge a single device numerous times or some devices like camera one times.

It’s durable and waterproof, dustproof and shockproof with Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 which means you can take it into your bag to camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

More surprisingly, the EasyAcc 9000mAh also combine with compatible output port like DC 5V, your smartphone, iPad, Bluetooth speaker and so on.

Also, the addition of the LED light is very useful. It’s bright enough when you want to find your gadget in the dark.


 Special Series: EasyAcc 15000mAh solar panel power bank

easyacc power bank 

The EasyAcc 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank can survive in the situation of dropping or damaging as its build quality is nice, sturdy and tough.

Of course, the most attractive function of EasyAcc 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank would be Solar Panel. You can charge your devices in different occasions. It’s not only great for the people who always spend times on outdoor activities, but also for the people who is in the marker to buy an external battery.

Priced at 35.99$, I highly recommend it!

Here comes to the end of EasyAcc Power Bank recommendation. With EasyAcc Brands becomes popular in US, UK and DE country, we can just look forward that they will giving out more high quality also more cost effective products!

easyacc power bank

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