Sony Power Bank: Suit Your Preference in Details

power bank sony


Hello, this is Power Bank Time again!

power bank sony

As smartphone goes faster in recent years, amount of people’s entertainment, work and social connect rely on their smartphones. However, even phones get smarter, the battery doesn’t get any better. It seems like that without a Power Bank, your smartphone, tablet or other devices will absolutely drain completely before recharging in one day.

Today, I’ve rounded up the 4 best Power Banks of Sony, as its popular trends, many people are highly interested in Sony Power Bank and want some reference tips. Where power bank tips are needed, there the EasyAcc editors are.
So, let’s find the best Sony Power Bank together!

Firstly, when it comes to the best power banks of Sony, you should determine what kind of functions that make sense to you. For example, size, appearance, capacity, or charging and recharging speed. It’s much easier once you have your own goal on choosing a favorite Sony Power Bank.

So, I marked out four professional features to recommend the most suitable Sony Power Bank for you, hope you guys will like it!


If you want a portable power bank which easily toss up into your pocket or bag, and you can carry it every day rather than in certain situations only
The Power Bank CP-V4A of Sony is tailor made for your needs, as its lightweight design and slim body which only at 139g weight, 96 mm long, 25.6 mm thick and 52.3 mm wide.

power bank sony

This power bank is amazingly the same size as your typical smartphone which can perfectly suit with your daily life or business trips.
Above all, Sony Power Bank CP-V4A is deserved the king Power Bank of Portability.

As we all know that capacity is an important indicator of a good power bank, Sony Power Bank is no exception.

power bank sony
The Power Bank CP-V10A of Sony is combined with Lithium-ion polymer and 10000mAh capacity. The high capacity means you can charge not only your smartphones many times, but also iPad, tablet, camera and more devices.
However, there is a point we should noted is that any power bank will not delivers its full capacity which the seller advertised to your devices. Because some energy will lost in the process of heat generated and voltage conversion.

Nowadays, when buying a gadget, some people are focusing on its design and pretty appearance rather than its function. For example, once a pretty office lady hold a botchy power bank in hand.
Well, that’s not a good frame.
So, for some people, a power bank is not only for charging emergency, but also a decoration which can be carried regularly.
In  Sony Portable USB Charger CP-S5, it’s not difficult to fulfill your love for beauty.

power bank sony

There are several classic colors for chosen, the bright color is tailor made for ladies, you can carry it into specific party, summer beach, formal meeting and so on. Just for any power emergency.

power bank sony

Additional Features:
A lot of power banks have the function of LEDs. It’s used to denote how much capacity of your power bank will remains.

power bank sony

Fortunately,  Sony Power Bank CP-V6 and CP-V4A have 4-LED indicator to inform user whether the power bank will lose track or not. Otherwise, once you carry a power bank with no power inside, that’s annoying and frustrating.

Above all, have you got your ideal Power Bank of Sony?

Actually, there a lot of brands of power bank for you to consider, like EasyAcc, though it’s not as famous as Sony, but it gains high oral reputation which wined 98% good review from Amazon.
You can find all the advantages above I mentioned happens on  EasyAcc Newest Power Bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. You can charge a compatible device at 4 times.

power bank easyacc

More surprisingly, you can not only get the small, bijou size of the newest EasyAcc power bank, but also high capacity.

At last, here we prepared an EasyAcc 10000mah Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank as a gift to you, don’t waste your time to look around, just click here to join our giveaway,  you will be the next lucky one.
 power bank sony


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