Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof? It’s water-resistant.

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof
What would happen to Samsung Galaxy S7 in a running LG washing machine for 45 minutes? Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof? Get the answer with a heart attack feeling at the end of this page.

When checking new Galaxy S7‘s advertisement and slogan, it’s easy to find the waterproof tops on the front-page. Samsung announces that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edged get IP68 certified, which means up to 30 min in up to 5 feet of water is an allowed limitation. How does new Galaxy S7 work as a great waterproof device? 

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof

What is IP68 rating? 

In short, IP68 means a phone is waterproof. Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof? Yes, IP68 rating means it it. In IP68, IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’. This is a rating system set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to inform consumers of how well protected an electronic device is against foreign bodies. An IP rating actually tells you two things about the device it’s attributed to – how well it resists water ingress, and how well it resists dust ingress.

About new S7, IP68 emphasis that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is fairly strong. According to Samsung, the phone is “protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter” and  in the Galaxy S7’s case Samsung says that it can withstand “Up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters under (water)”.


Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof?

A short video shows you how Samsung Galaxy S7 is water-resistant with its IP68 rating. Running in LG washing machine for a full cycle of 45 minutes in water, what happened? Samsung Galaxy S7 survives at the end. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S7  is waterproof, specifically, it’s water-resistant.

Thanks for video from Max Lee.

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof? If the answer from you is No, you should have a Samsung Galaxy S7 case for the delicate device. Have you aroused by waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7? Some waterproof power banks are also featured with IP68 rating, which you could have a try before throwing a new s7 into water. 


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