How to DIY desk organizer?

When it comes to desk, most of us have a mess. Because of this, we need desk organizer to collect stuffs and minimize desk clutter. So, how to DIY desk organizer?

DIY desk organizer

Let’s start!

  1. Prepare some mason jars (almost $7 for each).
  2. Put a line of hot glue on each jars, then put three jars together. Tip: Hold 10 seconds and then doing another one.
  3. Start the send row that consists of two jars. Follow the step as step 2.
  4. Then you get a cute desk organizer.

How to DIY desk organizer

Not interested in  DIY? That’s alright. Purchase one desk organizer online  and it will satisfied you. Of course, we are now collecting best holiday gifts ideas now. Have a try in GIVEWAY, win an EasyAcc multi device organizer stand to minimize desk clutter.


Tip: Follow the video to learn details about above 4 steps about how to DIY desk organizer?

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