Spring Break Bucket List

Spring Break Bucket List

The best time of the year is just a few short days away. You guessed it — SPRING BREAK! So, pack your bags, grab your new bathing suit, and follow this bucket list for the days you are spending in warm paradise. Remember: what happens on the beach, stays on the beach. (Seriously, do not Instagram that.)


Spring Break Bucket List

1. Sleep on the beach for a night

Spring Break Bucket List

Yes, the first recommendation is this one. Sleep on the beach for one night and you will definitely not miss the Sunrise. And is’s the chance to know how crazy people can do, and your friends may have more interesting conversation.


2. Get to know someone you didn’t know

Spring Break Bucket List

Maybe you are going on spring break with a big group of friends. Even though you are there to make memories with your best friends, venture off and make a few new friends along the beach. But getting to know someone or something new can give more chance to enjoy this spring break and give you more fresh feeling after the spring break.


3.Bong a beer

Spring Break Bucket List

This can be an unpleasant experience for a lot of people — but hey — you are on the beach in your bathing suit, soaking up the rays, and without a problem in the world. Drinking a nice cold beer in a few seconds certainly won’t ruin your day. For those of you who are beer bong champs, well, high-five! #SpringBreak


4. Enter a competition

Spring Break Bucket List

Whether it is a hot bod contest on stage in front of thousands or a dance off, you are in the prime of your life, so do not be shy!


5. Do a bar crawl

Spring Break Bucket List

Finally, you can stand outside without freezing your limbs off, so spend one night hopping from bar to bar and club to club. Night life hot spots in the south are completely different from the ones further north. Half outdoors and half indoors, you will find live bands and fruity piña coladas, so get a taste of the night scene in paradise.


6. Sing karaoke with a Bluetooth speaker.

Spring Break Bucket List

Your confidence on spring break should be at an all-time high. Jump on stage and belt out your favorite song as a soloist or have a duet with your best friend. Get a Bluetooth speaker, just use your smartphone to sing a song for all people on beach and just wait for the acclaim.


7. Kiss a stranger

Spring Break Bucket List

This is the bucket list item that goes without being said. Don’t kiss the kid the that you sit next to in Chem 201, that will just be awkward next Monday. Catch the eye of that cute boy with a deep southern accent, because you will never see him again.


8. Flirt with someone

Spring Break Bucket List

I am not saying pick up a rando at the bar and bring him home, but find your inner Carrie Bradshaw, and walk up to that cute guy you have had your eye on. Make sure to dazzle him with your radiating confidence. 


9. Get the ultimate picture

Spring Break Bucket List

Yes, it is okay to whip your phone out and capture the perfect moment once in a while. Snap a pic with your group that puts your spring break adventure into one picture, so “Insta” worthy that a filter is not necessary. Yes, you can also send these picture to Instagram or Pinterest, just add #Springbreak and share the best way to make fun during spring break.


10. Watch the sunset

Spring Break Bucket List

Don’t just glance out of your window as the sun sets. Take yourself back down to the beach before you head out for the evening, and watch the sun hit the water. We Midwesterner’s hardly ever have the opportunity to see this naturally beautiful moment. Soak it up.


11. Skinny dip to say, “goodbye”

Spring Break Bucket List

Like any vacation, spring break comes to an end. So, on the eve of your last day, grab your crew and run straight into the ocean, without a single item of clothing. This is the last moment to feel free, without a care in the world.

Spring Break Bucket List

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Spring Break Bucket List》有17个想法

  1. I would love to be going on a spring break! Great guide and some fantastic photos. 🙂

  2. I love Spring Break! And I love your list, even if you are staying home, there is so much you can do!!!


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