The Best Power Bank for iPhone 6/6s

The Best Power Bank for iPhone 6/6s: easyacc 15000mAh power bank

There are so many apple fans all over the world,  it can be hard to pick the right power bank with the best band for them . Thankfully, Allen has compiled some of the best power banks for iPhone users across the world.


Jackery 6000mAh Power Bank



Jackery power bank also features a 6000mAh battery, same like Mountpower. The power bank has single USB charging slot, and it assures full protection from any charging malfunctioning. There are four different colors to match your iPhone: Black, gold, orange, and silver while writing this. Jackery Bar is the smallest portable external battery with 2.1A output designed for extending mobile device battery life. It includes a high-energy density, fast-charging, compact design, and smart safety protection circuit. Jackery delivers beautiful design at affordable prices along with great customer service. The Jackery Bar is often used with leading smartphones and tablets like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and more. Jackery® Bar Performance for iPhones: 200%-300% battery life, Input: 5V/1A, Input charging time: 6-8h via Standard USB or AC adapter (not included); Output: 5V/2.1A; Compact Size: 3.8 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches; Weight: 5.5 ounce; 18- month warranty.

Buy Jackery 6000mAh Power Bank at:


EasyAcc Classic Power Bank




Designed for use with iPhone and many brands of Android smart phones and tables, EasyAcc is a multi-functional and portable power bank with a light classic design that works well for individuals of all cadres. Its case, for instance, is durable and made of an industry-leading material that absorbs shock well when dropped. The material is also scratch resistant, has a well-finished design that protects its internal circuitry from water damage, and has a compact, light, and portable build that does not weigh down users during transit. If you do not like traveling with a bag, you can store it conveniently in your pocket without lowering its physical and mechanical value in any way. The high capacity (10000mAh) battery pack that it comes with is durable, professional-grade, and offers many cycles of full charge independent of the brand of smartphone that you own. As such, when traveling to a rural area with no electricity coverage and or grappling with a power emergency at home, your smartphone will stay powered for several days, with an original EasyAcc Classic Power Bank at hand. This power bank has a striking orange and black theme that often stands out from the crowd. It also has a well-wired circuitry, dual USB output (2.1-amps and 1.5-amps) for charging two smart devices at the same time, and has an advanced lock technology that maintains charge for up to six months in standby mode once fully charged. This way, you do not have to worry about your power bank losing charge or integrity when stored for long. You get a manufacturer’s warranty for an original.

Buy EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh Power Bank at:


RAVPower26,800mAh  Power Bank



RAVPower has a monstrous 26,800mAh battery which can charge an iPhone almost 10 times. Unlike other power banks, RAVPower has three USB ports which you can use to charge different devices at once. The power bank also complies with safety measures, which ensures a full protection of your charging device in case of any short circuits. Mind-boggling Capacity: 26800 mAh of pure energy – charge an iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 over six times or an iPhone 6 ten whole times.  5.5A Highest Output Charging: Three USB ports with a combined 5.5A output means you can swiftly and simultaneously charge three devices at once. Plug in and instantly charge – no buttons or on-switch required. Rapid Input Charging: DC 5V 2A input (2A charger not included), twice as fast as normal 5V 1A input power banks, saving 50% of your time. Exclusive iSmart Technology: Automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device – ensuring the fastest and most efficient charge.  Safety Protection: Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion battery with over 500 battery charge cycles; security protection design: short-circuit and over-current protection. The battery pack will automatic shutdown if a short circuit or overload output occurs while unit is charging.

Buy RAVPower26,800mAh Power Bank at:


Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Power Bank



Featuring dual 2.4A USB ports that offer fast charging, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is one of the slimmest power banks available for its impressive capacity. Using Anker’s PowerIQ and Voltage Boost technologies the Power Core will automatically detect your specific device’s fastest charging speed, and provide a steady charge regardless of what cable you use. It comes bundled with a durable micro USB cable for charging the power bank, a mesh carry bag, and an 18-month warranty.

Buy Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Power Bank at:


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The Best Power Bank for iPhone 6/6s》有22个想法

  1. I’ve been using Anker products for about five years now, probably four different power banks from them. They work really well.

  2. I currently use an old-school Duracell power bank (and I think calling it a power bank is being generous).

  3. Would love the Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Power Bank. With this I would be able to keep everything charged.

  4. I have been using a MyCharge 33.5 Wh model; it’s powerful, but it’s too clumsy to carry easily.

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