How to add an iMac usb port in the front?

How to add an imac usb Port


Back, back, why imac has ports on the back? uncomfortable.

How to add an imac usb Port


iMac Portable USB 3.0 1 Port Hub

Simple design gadget is easy to add iMac usb port in the front. Will you meet that it’s unhandy and funky when plugging in your devices on the iMacs that you should go onto the back to switch thumb drives or external HDs? Aluminum material make it with a unibody design that enables you achieve iMac easy.


add usb ports add port to iMac


Aluminum Superspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Desktop Hub

Compared to add an iMac usb port, this desktop hub offers you 4 ports in the front. Tiny size makes increase its portability, which means your desktop will keep tidy and clean.

4 Port hub hub adds iMac usb ports

Got custom-made product is just a way to add an iMac usb port, you can also get a DIY device to add iMac usb port. More tips will be shown in subsequent posts.



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