Best High-capacity Power Bank for Traveling Techie

best power bank for travelling techie

Given today’s hungry phones and tablets, power banks of high capacity are in urgent needs, especially to those who spend long time travelling or working outside. As one of the best high capacity power bank, EasyAcc Monster 20000 mAh super powerful and portable power bank meets all your needs for power outside.

best high capacity outdoor power bank


1. Smart Technology For Fast Charging

Automatically identify the device connected and output fastest current to achieve the efficiency of original charger.


2. Dual Input
The only power bank with 2 input ports which double the speed of recharging.

easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank (1)

3. Super Capacity
20000mAh High Capacity with 91% PCB Convertional Rate. Perfect For Outdoor

easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank (2)

4. Flashlight
Practical Flashlight for Emergency Lighting

easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank (4)

5. One for Four
Four USB output ports, charge all your devices simultaneously. Greatly saves your time.

easyacc-monster-20000mah-power-bank (6)

This best high-capacity power bank for outdoor use is now on giveaway. Click and join to win a free monster power bank here!



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