EasyAcc 3200 mAh Battery Case—Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life!

Smartphones are surely a daily companion for us nowadays, but they all have one drawback and that is their short battery life. While there are some power banks and iPhone’s official battery case, EasyAcc 3200 mAh battery case is also a nice choice to double your iPhone’s battery life.


EasyAcc 3200 mAh battery case-


Well, the iPhone 6 and 6s are known of their low capacity which can be very inconvenient especially for people who like to create videos with the iPhone 6 or operate geocaching.


Clearly, the battery case makes iPhone a lot thicker, but is also more power on the go. 99 grams shows me my balance, and thus it is just below 129 grams, which brings the iPhone itself on the scale. So not quite doubled, but it already feels a distinct difference.




I would not use it as my everyday case, but precisely in situations where I just already know that it is just the battery. When walking, cycling and other outdoor activities, it can help me further.


Installation of the case can be very easy and fast by taking off the top of the case and insert your iPhone. On the back there is a button and you can press once to know the power status by 4 LED lights. Press the button for about 3 seconds, the iPhone is loaded and with an output of 5V / 1A, just as fast as with the original power supply.


The cover is certified by Apple and available in different colors. Thus, you get no annoying message that you would use unsupported accessories.




Comes complete with a Micro USB to USB cable belongs to itself to load the envelope again and a short headphone extension cable.


Conclusion: It’s not my everyday case, but there are good enough for me in predictable situations where I like to use and am pleased about the additional power. The shell is set as a free prize on a giveaway here. Take part in the activity and win yourself a free useful battery case!


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