Giveaway: EasyAcc Multi-functional Multi-device Organizer + Battery Case Tidy Your Desktop. Wire-free, Trouble-free!

If you were troubled by the mess cables of your devices on the desktop, if you thought it is too crowded to plug all kinds of power adapters in one power strip, or if you felt inconvenient when you need to do other things when watching videos on your tablets, this super giveaway is your chance to get away from them!

EasyAcc-battery-case-multi-device-organizer 1


  1. Multi-functional, multi-device organizer.

Three upper layers of the organizer can accommodate mobile devices of a household, and other gadgets you use frequently in daily life. Slits on the sides allow organizing your cables while charging. What’s more, the bottom drawer can be used to store small items.

It matches a multi-port USB charger perfectly by accommodating your multiple devices and cables. Now a clutter-free desktop is finally realized.

  1. 3200 mAh extended battery case for iphone 6/6s

EasyAcc 3200mAh  charging case for iPhone 6 doubles its battery and goes for more than a full day away from an outlet. When you do need to plug in, simply connect the included USB cable to a charging port to simultaneously charge both internal and external batteries.

It also prevents your iPhone from scratch and falling, offer an all-around protection.

easyacc-mfi-3200mah-extended-battery-case-for-iphone-6-47- (1)


>>>See options below and take part in the giveaway to win the cable-free organizer and battery case! Leave a comment about what tips you have to keep cables on desktop tidy and visit EasyAcc on Facebook will double the chance to win!

Giveaway: Wire-free, Trouble-free! EasyAcc Multi-functional Multi-device Organizer + Battery Case Tidy Your Desktop.

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Giveaway: EasyAcc Multi-functional Multi-device Organizer + Battery Case Tidy Your Desktop. Wire-free, Trouble-free!》有83个想法

  1. It’s really nice, it’s a hard cover for the iphone also a battery and the multi-device organizer is a must have these days

  2. i am confind to my bed and my desk gets so messy no tips i gonna read some from others tho may help??

  3. My tip is to spend a couplke of minutes at the end of each day to make sure you have sorted away all your stuff a clean desk in the morning is the best way to start the day

  4. I clean my desk off twice a week. Once on Tuesday and once on Saturday. Yes, I work 6 days a week. I use disinfecting wipes to clean my surface and then I use the air in a can to clean out my keyboard. Works wonders!!!

  5. My desk is always kept clean,but if it starts looking a little messy I get to it right away

  6. Be wire-free and trouble-free and keep your desktop tidy with an EasyAcc Multi-functional Multi-device Organizer + Battery Case Tidy of course. Sorted!

  7. Saw a cool thing on Pinterest the other day with little lego figures holding up the end of chargers etc. thought that was rather cool

  8. I try to clean up the day before so that it’s ready for the next day. I clean up as I go so it’s never too untidy.

  9. I find messy and tangled cables annoying so I tie them together with cable ties to keep them neat and out of the way and avoid them getting tangled up.

  10. There is nothing i need more in my life right now than a Multi-functional, multi-device organizer! Im forever loosing my phone down the side of the sofa or it falls off and the cat knocks it under the sofa! And for that reason (It hiding under the sofa for a while) a 3200 mAh extended battery case for iphone 6s would be extremely handy!! 🙂


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