Don’t Want a “Hump” Battery Case? This One Adds the Most Power and Least Weight to Your iPhone

No one likes a big bulky battery case. That’s why ThinCharge is created. Charge your phone anytime, anywhere with the press of a button. It’s so light and thin, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Thincharge 1


Everything you could ask for

ThinCharge is loaded with hi-tech features. Never has protection and power come in such a small package. 

Thincharge 2

Thincharge 3


Double Your Battery Life (200%)

Yeah, it’s kind of like taping seven double A batteries to your iPhone. It gives you twice the amount of power as your phone’s built in battery. But it’s way slicker of course. 

Thincharge 4


Lightest & Thinnest

The iPhone 6/6S is a beautiful piece of hardware. It’s also the lightest and thinnest ever made. At only half an inch thin and less than 3 ounces, you won’t even notice ThinCharge is there.

Thincharge 5


Crowdfunding Experts

Thincharge is expert at crowdfunding and have a 100% ship rate across all of our previous campaigns. The company is partnered with a world class factory, shipping & logistics team and crowdfunding experts to deliver ThinCharge.

Thincharge 6

Thincharge 7


Protective case + Extra battery = ThinCharge

Protects iPhone from drops and scratches

Ultra slim and ultra-lightweight

No more expensive screen repair

Thincharge 8

Thincharge 9


Use Your Existing Lightning Cable

The ThinCharge battery case features pass-through charging, meaning it automatically charges your iPhone first, then it charges the battery case. Compared to other battery cases, you can use your existing Lightning charging cable.

Thincharge 10



Compatible with iPhone 6&6S



This is Thincharger—the world’s thinnest battery phone case. Click here to get one for your iPhone. Or if you need a more powerful and colorful battery case, see here.



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