Should I get a case for iPad Pro or not?

best ipad pro case

Always there is such a question on the web, especially when there’s a new phone or tablet model released, that is, Whether or not to get a case for my XX? Some of my friends are telling me not to get one because it will “ruin its design”. And now, it’s time for iPad Pro, although this new giant has been on line for a few months. 


As Apple has claimed this hugh tablet has nearly double the CPU of the iPad Air 2, along with improved multi-touch technology. Moreover, it enables you to be more creative and productive. 


Whatever you plan on using it for, however, when you’re reading this feature, you want to keep it protected. Here we’ve rounded up some choices for your every need. 


For General Use that features general functions, auto-sleep, built-in and multi-angle stand. — $59 from Apple.

for general use


For Outdoor Use that features waterproof, shatterproof and a built-in Apple Pencil pocket. — from Catalyst (coming soon) and $69.95 Gumdrop.

for outdoor usefor outdoor use1


For Fashion Use that features smooth, premium felt. — €90.08 from Joli Originals.

for fashion use


For Business Use that features a keyboard and of course a built-in stand. — $149.99 from Logitech

for business use


For Versatile Usenot a case but a bag, that features soft material to protect iPad Pro safe from scratches, scrapes, knocks and drops; and also an internal pockets to carry your notes and chargers. — $7.99 from EasyAcc

for versatile use




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