The Differences of Earphones, Headphones and Earbuds



The first thing that consumers should understand is the difference between earphones and headphones. Before earphones were introduced to the market everyone used headphones. Headphones are ear coverings attached to a headband that fit over a person’s head and emit sounds from outside of the ear. Headphones were heavy and clunky when they were first designed, but over time they became slim and compact.


Earphones, on the other hand, are designed to fit directly into the ear. They are small and unobtrusive. With the invention of the iPod earphones have become an accessory in their own right. Some earphones are minimalist and designed to be unseen by the public while others are decorated with rhinestones and bright colors so that they can be noticed by everyone.

easyacc-ep2-bluetooth-sport-earbuds-with-apt-x (2)

Just like earphones differ from headphones there are three subcategories of earphones that offer different benefits and features to consumers. Anyone who has used one of the ubiquitous iPhones or iPods from Apple is familiar with earbuds. Standard earbuds fit inside the ear but remain outside of the ear canal. They are small in size and very lightweight. Since they fit inside the ear there is less sound leakage than earphones that fit slightly outside of the ear. In general a person standing near to a user who is wearing earbuds might be able to hear some sound coming from the earphones, but they won’t be able to make out words. Earbuds can sometimes be uncomfortable when a user wears them for extended periods of time.

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The Differences of Earphones, Headphones and Earbuds》有4个想法

  1. A short but sweet description about various types of audio devices.

    However more commonly all of them are referred to as headphones, they are specifically called as over ear headphones, in ear headphones and so on as an alternative.

    Still a good article to boast about. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for your support! We will constantly update new articles and hope they can benefit you.

  3. It says three sub-categories, but you only discuss one; headphones have morphed into over-ear and on-ear, with some (BOSE, i.e.) also listing in-ear, another term for earphones, it seems.

  4. Short and concise description,
    Choosing from one of the above is purely on individual needs, supposedly i like using headphones while playing games and earphone while going out.


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