Can a hiking boot really generate electricity for charging?

recharging bootsThe question that special shoes can generate electrical current to recharge GPS, camera, or cell phone simply buy hiking has been around for decades. It sounds far-fetched. But is it true?


As one of the basic idea for the charging-boots is simple: in normal circumstances, every time you step down, your shoe dissipates kinetic energy into the dirt. 


While finding one on the market, the Orange Power Wellies, created by U.K. mobile operator Orange and GotWin, a renewable-energy company, is most typical. 


The electrical current generated, called “geddit”, can be used to recharge a phone, etc. which you plug in to the top of the it charges


In the case of the Orange Power Wellies, power is collected via the so-called Seebeck effect, in which a thermoelectric device creates a voltage when there’s a different temperature on each side. The soles of the wellies house an array of semiconductor materials sandwiched between two thin ceramic wafers; when heat from the foot is applied on the top side of the ceramic wafer and cold is applied on the opposite side (from the cold of the ground), electricity is said to be generated.


In the test, you’ll need to walk for 12 hours to get an hour of battery life with Orange Power Wellies. 


Although this technology is still not mature enough, it’s still remarkable and at least environmetal. Why not have a try?


Learn more on this technology, please check:


Learn more on Orange Power Wellies, please check:


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