Best earphone for gym in 2015: JAYBIRD X2

Jaybird X2, a good partner for gymming.



The Jaybird X2 is a brand new version of its predecessor although it has a few changes this time. Offering a sweat-proofing, a better sweat proofing, it keeps high-quality as the top in earphone products. A more comfortable ear fin design, a better carrying case and improved battery life, all designs are amazing eye-catching, last but not least, high quality audio and deep bass are the best guarantee to customers.



It’s a little bit difficult to fit if you have never meet a earphone like it at first. And the X2 looks like its brother, which means they may designed by a some person, even a same design manuscript. However, all cons are just in vain if you are rich enough to afford a comfortable earphone 😆 of course, we will provide some gifts for you as freebie, one of them is a pair of EasyAcc earphone!


Best earphone for gym.




As a users of its former version, the Jaybird X2 should be your first choice without no hesitation.


First of all, the sound is fantastic. Rich treble, strong bass, and decent noise cancelling. I listen to a slew of different musical genres and podcasts and have never had a complaint on the quality of the drivers. Obviously, being Bluetooth, they are never going to reach the same level as a quality wired set, but unless you are looking for an audiophile-level of listening, they should do just fine.


It isn’t that the fit isn’t very close to perfect once you figure it out, it is more that it takes a significant amount of work to actually get to that point. The earphones come with both foam and silicone tips in three sizes, three sizes of hooks to create a snug fit, and a couple clips to shorten the cord. It took a while – trying all of the different combinations – before I was happy and even then, I really had to wear them out to decide whether or I liked the fit or needed to tweak it even more. To be clear, they do include all of the tools to make it fit near perfectly, but you have to do a fair bit of leg work to determine what that fit is for you.


About the look, they look pretty good. Just known that they aren’t flush with your ear. The tips do stick out a bit.


These are a brilliant piece of tech. It is only going to become more commonplace and although jumping on the train now may seem a bit early. You will find it difficult to go back to wires once you make the switch. The fact that the wire connecting the buds is able to be shortened to be right against your neck and out of the way only increases the feeling of freedom.


Get them for the fitness in the gym, you will find it really fit to be a good partner. They offer secure fit which manages to cancel the noise and produce a good performing audio making them ideal for the sports person offering better connectivity and sweat proof body. So it would be a bang for your buck just in case you are planning to buy one for yourself.



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