Apple Fanatic Jeb Bush accidentally realizes his Apple Watch can take calls

Yesterday in a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board documented by USA Today, Jeb Bush proclaims his Apple Watch the “coolest thing” after accidentally answering a call on it.



Jeb Bush has been widely documented as an Apple fanatic, and the Republican presidential candidate continues to wear his Apple Watch on the campaign trail. During the meeting yesterday, Bush stumbled upon a feature he didn’t realize his smartwatch was capable of: taking phone calls. Somehow Bush managed to take a call without picking up his iPhone, and the sound of a person’s voice saying hello breaks through the meeting noise, to which Bush responds, “My watch can’t be talking.”


After discovering that it was in fact his Apple Watch making noise, Bush candidly replies, “I’ll call you back.” The candidate admits in the video he’s noticed his Apple Watch ringing, but hasn’t ever taken a call through the device. “That’s the coolest thing in the world,” he adds with a smile.


The discovery happens to bolster Jeb Bush’s criticism of the Apple Watch that it “not as intuitive as other Apple products.” However, it is also a charming instance of Bush’s bright-eyed relationship with technology.



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