Charging 101: what makes the power bank lose charge?

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Power Bank are becoming popular as our gadgets or devices were all getting smarter & versatile tools in our daily lives specially for various types of communications such as calls, sms, emails and other task, and these smart devices (smartphones & tablets) needs more power for them to work and last for a day as they should be. 


For those who still do not have a power bank, this passage, at least, could help you get a little more charging knowledge before getting one back;




For those who have already have one (sometimes much more), this passage, to some sense, could help you figure out some battery questions exsited for a long time. 


Have you ever bought a power bank only to find it stops charging after a few months, like totally forever? Or even worse, have you ever encountered a power bank that stops charging after two to three times of charging? If you haven’t, count your blessings as we have had many people purchasing power banks due to their frustration with cheapo power banks.


Any power bank can lose charge and with it, capacity. Though it might be hard to understand, let us illustrate. You see, in every power bank are batteries. And batteries are made of chemicals. The more time you charge your power bank, the more changes takes place with the chemicals inside the battery.


That is why, every battery be it the power bank, the battery for your expensive Macbook Pro and even your car battery have a lifespan. And there are variables that causes the power bank to lose charge, just like there are variables that causes your Macbook Pro battery to lose charge.



The most fundamental to all batteries are charge cycles. When having my Macbook’s battery bulge one day and returned my less than one year old Macbook to the Apple Service Centre in Mid Valley. The first question was, ‘How old is your Macbook?’, followed by some testing and verification.


You see, every time you charge your battery, a certain charge cycle is counted. If you use it from half-full to maximum capacity and then do the same the next day, a charge cycle is then counted. With power banks, at times we use it for awhile before charging forgetting that using a power bank counts to the power bank’s charge cycle.


For most power bank, the charge cycles are around a few hundred up to 500 maximum as of now. We have yet to see a power bank with more charge cycles than that.

As such, how does the charge cycles count against the battery capacity? Well, if you have already used about 100 charge cycles, your battery capacity would have dropped by 20% and it’ll continue dropping as long as you use your power bank to charge and discharge.



In the world of tech, you can find either good or cheap. There is no way about it as electronics and chips used all costs money. Even more so in the world of power and charging. In many cases, my friends would show me their phone and tell me that the phone’s battery life has dropped from 8 hours to 2 hours !


You see, certain chargers do not have circuit breakers nor the ability to detect when your device/power bank is nearing full charge. As such, it’ll keep pumping current into your power bank and damage the total capacity over time.



You should be careful where you place your power bank as placing it in the hot sun can damage it. On the other hand, placing it in cold conditions would cause the power capacity to be reduced. That is why photographers shooting in really cold places carry manual cameras as their electronic cameras will quickly run out of battery.



Just like any other battery, power banks have lifespans and will degrade with time through use, mishandling and even the wrong charger. 

If you have encountered other charging problems in power bank daily using, welcome to leave comments below and we’ll select out the most one and settle it down EVERY WEEK. 

A little more about how to prolong a power bank’s life cycles? Find more tips in daily life.

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