CES 2016 Best of innovations – Episode III

Stay tuned with CES 2016 Best Innovations? Here comes…


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Mcor Arke is the world’s first full color, professional and safe desktop 3D printer. There is currently no full color desktop 3D printer available on the market. Mcor Arke will also offer reliable and safe 3D printing with the opportunity to customize the design of each printer.
















ODG R-7 Smart Glasses featuring stunning ultra-transparent 3D stereoscopic displays and packed with innovative technologies in a small, light and sleek design. Fully integrated with unparalleled display clarity, on-board processing power and system accuracy.









Ricoh Theta S is a first-of-its-kind spherical imaging camera that captures 360-degree scenes surrounding the user. It produces photos and videos that enable viewers to see the entirety of a scene by scrolling up, down, sideways and all around in the resulting image.














Seaboard RISE  is a new musical device. It remodels the keyboard as a soft, sensor-embedded surface that responds to the subtlest gestures of the finger, allowing musicians to shape sound through touch. Powered by groundbreaking technologies, it is also thin, lightweight and portable.










Sengled Voice is the only integrated microphone/speaker LED bulb on the market. It offers voice control of devices, voice interaction with the cloud and enhance home security by detecting glass breaking and baby crying. It enables distributed intelligence while reducing gadget clutter at home.














Somabar Robotic Bartender as the world’s smartest bartender, Somabar integrates Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard sensors, electronic ingredient tagging and automated cleaning making bartending as easy as pressing a button. Using the Somabar app, you can now share and create cocktails with anyone on the globe in seconds.











YOGA Tab 3 Pro A multimedia tablet with a built-in projector! It transforms a wall or ceiling into a brilliant 70″ screen. Enjoy a theater experience on the brilliant 10.1″ QHD display, and the integrated JBL® 4-speaker sound bar. Up to 18 hours of general use on a single charge.



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