Nexqaq — The First Truly Modular Smartphone Case

Frankly speaking, have you ever seen a modular smartphone case? And each module adds a specific function to your smart phone? nexqaq modula battery case 2

Nexpaq is a revolutionary modular smartphone case. With it you can easily customize, enhance or add new functions through the case without powering down your phone. Quick and easy to use, you only need to slide in modules to add up to 6 new functions to your smartphone.

nexqaq module battery case 4

nexqaq module battery case 5

Cross platform between android and IOS, you can share your nexpaq modules with any other smartphone users as long as they have a nexpaq on their mobile device. Nexpaq modular smart case already comes with 1000 mAh integrated directly into the case and adding about 50% more battery life to your smartphone. nexqaq module battery case 3

The video below shows the review of the first Nexqaq Hackathon, and you’ll get to meet some of the teams, learn about the modules they created, and see the gritty hard work that led to the final pitches and winner’s ceremony.  

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