Explorographer: EasyAcc 15,000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank


Styling aside and well-built, this unit weighs what you expect a battery of this size to weigh.  The pack comes with a key ring carabiner and two USB cables with micro USB ends. One cable is roughly 6″ and the other included is 24″.  The unit does not come with a charger.  You can charge it up using your standard phone charger and one of the included cables.  You can charge the unit and have the unit charge a device at the same time but it is not recommended as it may shorten it’s effective life.  There is a charge check button on top and 4 LEDS, each of which represents 25% increments.  It also includes two charging outputs both of which will charge at the same time.  One of the USB outputs is a 2A port with the ability to fast charge your devices and a standard 1A port for regular charging.  Charging of the pack itself by plugging it in to a standard phone charger takes about 10 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.  So approximately 10% per hour.  Charging by solar is painfully slow and I really can’t see any reason to care.  I have to be  honest I did not put it on the dash while driving or put it out in the sun…and here’s why.  I was able to charge my Galaxy S5 from about 10% to 100%, 5 times.  My iPad 3 times, and my Sony a7RII about 8 times!  Yes, I can actually charge my camera A.D.Wheeler___142156with this thing.  In fact, I have been recharging my camera in between locations and getting a whole day of recharging out of this thing and only using 1 battery in my a7RII.  The drain on the pack for doing this was typically about 35%!  It also works as a continual power supply for the camera if you happen to forget your batteries. (I would never do that)  So basically for the day or so that I was unable to charge the unit it lasted the entire time, as did my mobile devices.  Camping for more than a couple of days would probably leave you without power. Generally though, you will have a car with you so you can charge it that way. If you are heading to the back country you are of course going to want a larger solar panel unit. For most, the EasyAcc is all you will ever need in a portable backup battery.

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