AndroidGuys Power Bank Review: Sometimes All You Need is One Charge


For only $10 this is one heck of a value. Internal batteries for phones with swappable batteries cost up to five times this amount. If you have never used a portable power bank, consider getting one like this as it will probably be the most useful. Or if you only have a large power bank in your tech inventory, consider getting the EasyAcc Classic 3350mAh battery for its portability will make it much more useful to you since you will most likely be carrying it on yourself at all times. I highly recommend the EasyAcc Classic.

I carried EasyAcc Classic around in my jeans for a couple of weeks, and after the first day I forgot it was ever there. I have a short USB cable that I left plugged into it, and on some nights I would recharge my phone(still out and about) because I needed the juice at the end of the day. I use my phone a ton for work. There’s always a one or two hour phone call, or a good 5-10 emails that need to be written when I am away from a charger. And then there are my duties to that are always pulling on my battery, so having the EasyAcc Classic was nice because the phones I have no longer have replaceable batteries like my old Note 4.

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