Giveaway: EasyAcc USB 3.0 4-Port Aluminum Hub (CLOSED)

blog picWhat’s Smashing Today?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become the standard method of connecting just about anything to… well, just about anything else, but particularly desktop and laptop computers.

Many of us have so many USB-based devices that we frequently find ourselves needing more USB ports, which is where the USB ubiquitous hub comes in. And that’s the reason why we run this COMPETITION and give away a USB 3.0 4-port aluminum hub.

EasyAcc USB 3.0 4-port aluminum hub is so aesthetically styling, its matte aluminum casing with grey accents obviously patterned after Apple Mac product line; surely it looks equally at home alongside jsut about any computer setup.

Since the hub is bus powered, it does not require a separate power cable. This could make the hub a viable option for using it with a laptop while travelling since this would be one less thing to have to lug with you on the road. It’s much better as a desktop computer accessory due to its size and weight. Hope some of you would the lukcy one to WIN it.

More possibilities? More ideas about it? Welcome to comment below!!!

It’s about £10 now while buying it from

It’s about €14 now while buying it from

It’s about $14 now while buying it from



It will last until 12:00 AM, 30, October, 2015. Go:

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Giveaway: EasyAcc USB 3.0 4-Port Aluminum Hub (CLOSED)》有0个想法

  1. Probably not, I’m very anti-halloween as it’s an American imported idea.. Not for true Brits 🙂

    1. Hello Kyong Harwell, thanks for your message:)
      Why not try and win the chance to win MONSTER 20000mAh power bank? Come join with us!!!

  2. I don’t think I will since I’m not that keen on dressing up and stuff. Way too cheesy for me!

    1. Hello Hussain Choudhury, thanks for your message:)
      Participation in it just one way to celebrate the Halloween this year. We believe you have more great ideas about its celebration:)
      Nice day!!!

  3. Woot our Giveaway has come to the end and Congratulations to Phi Kieu for winning the Prize, an EasyAcc USB 3.0 4-Port Aluminum Hub.
    Meanwhile, if you are not the winner this time, please don’t be sad. Here will be more giveaways. And we believe YOU will be the next ONE.
    Or why not come join in our halloween costume contest and win for Monster 20,000mAh power bank. Just a pic, that’s enough!!!


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