The Best Guides for Smartphone Travelers



— Tips for what you’ll need to do before, during, and after your abroad trips

As today’s most smartphones are already loaded with apps or functions, these handy mobiles that surely can act as guidebook, map, dictionary, laptop, travel agent and camera; moreover, they are all in one in most cases. Sometimes, they allow us to buy tickets and have them sent to our phones; sometimes, they tell us weather, hours and get directions to places we want to have a visit; sometimes, they help us confirm the details, plan and arrange the best itinerary. Essentially, they help us make the most of our travel time.

But how to make our smart phones functionally maximized whenever and wherever we are travelling? Here we listed down the top 7 tips you could refer to:

  1. Buying an external power bank ensures you not to look for an outlet. EasyAcc external power banks featuring different capacities, different applicable situations, different materials, allow the smartphones or tablets to be juiced up whenever and wherever you are without winding wires.
  2. Worried about shockingly high phone bills on international cellular data roaming? Yes, SMS reminders, push notifications and location-based services, etc. actually draw on data. The easiest way to track your usage is by resetting the phone’s meter and signing up for an international plan at the same time.
  3. Loading up travel apps. If there is something omnipotent, that must be the apps store. Undoubtedly, there’s nothing like a great travel app to help you get around the places you’re visiting, for example, to scan the local restaurant reviews and to taste the specialties. Why not?
  4. Scope out hot spots that you can surf the web, get emails, and use apps for free whenever possible, such as, the hotels, the shopping malls, the restaurants, etc.France Selfie Stick
  5. Take along a remote control camera shutter device. Hard to record the beautiful sceneries and companions all in one shot? EasyAcc Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shut
    resolves this problem with great ease.
  6. Set a password. What’s to be done in case that your phone is lost or stolen? If you are an Apple user, setting a password and turning on the Finding My iPhone mode, then your phone will be locked and prevent others from accessing to your personal or confidential information on the phone.
  7. Bring cool accessories. While in a travel, we always desire to take luggage as little as possible. But for your phones, why not get a wallet case for them? Protection and cash-card slots integrate perfectly if out for a walk or shopping. Premium qualities and multifunctional designs are always at your every need. Visiting:

Want to be smarter while in traveling? That’s easy enough, if you have made full preparations for it. If you have another suggestions or ideas, welcome to share with us on EasyAcc Facebook or Twitter.













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