Does OnePlus 9 Pro have IR blaster and NFC?

Released on Martch 30, OnePlus 9 Pro now have received lots of fans around the world. It offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a flagship smartphone right now. It has a premium design, a 6.7-inch 120Hz QHD display, a camera collaborated with Hasselblad to take the most natural-looking photos, and a SnapdragonContinue reading “Does OnePlus 9 Pro have IR blaster and NFC?”

How to Enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch?

Some of people purchase the apple watch for more Convenient life, such as the health tools and heart rate monitor.Apple watch 6 has health and fitness features,  including low-range VO2 Max, sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, and new workout types, can help users better understand overall well-being.Besides, Apple Watch can detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and connect you with emergency servicesContinue reading “How to Enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch?”

Does OnePlus 9 Pro come with a fast charger?

OnePlus recently announced its new model, OnePlus 9 Pro, which comes with all the bells and whistles that makes it the best smartphone OnePlus has ever made. These updated great features include the fantastic camera setup, which is partnered with the well-known camera brand Hasselblad, the beautiful 120Hz display, the gorgeous design etc. However, likeContinue reading “Does OnePlus 9 Pro come with a fast charger?”

Is OnePlus 9 Pro waterproof?

Recently, The best Android phone has been released on March.It is OnePlus 9 pro,which based on  a Shenzhen-based start-up and producer of smartphones founded in December, 2013.Some of reviews has given the higher rating.The OnePlus 9 Pro offers phenomenal performance, a vastly superior camera to the brand’s previous smartphones.But, Now we will focus on theContinue reading “Is OnePlus 9 Pro waterproof?”

Can Amazon Echo Show 10 connect to Zoom

Amazon has released the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10. In my opinion, it’s a fundamental tablet attached to an Echo smart speaker. And the only innovation is that its smart display can keep following your movement. Therefore, wherever you call Alexa, the screen will find you and talk to you ‘face to face’. The displayContinue reading “Can Amazon Echo Show 10 connect to Zoom”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?

Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated  flagship – the Galaxy S21 series on 14th January 2021.What do you expect on this Galaxy lineup?Speaking of the smartphone, we are all absorbed by the various advanced features,such as Infinity-O Display, the fatest charging speed, 50MP ultra vision camera  and so on. However, the old-school features has been ignored gradually.Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 has become a surprise at the beginning of 2021.There are many changes comparing other previous Samsung Galaxy series.The most welcomed change Samsung has done for the Galaxy S21 family is no other than reverting back to the flat display.Besides,Samsung Galaxy has also great performance in hardware and software, also incorporatesContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?”

Do AirPods Max work with Android?

Designed for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, can you take advantage of AirPods Max even if you are an Android user or have both Apple and Android devices? The answer is yes, though not in the way you’d want expensive headphones to work.  What work and won’t work with Android? Some things will work,Continue reading “Do AirPods Max work with Android?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have microSD card slot ?

Samsung Galaxy S21 is the first smartphone making for epic in everyday on 2021.It is regarded as more refined ,smarter, crucially cheaper new flagship phone, even though Samsung Galaxy has taken some features away.One of the features has been removed is that it has no microSD card slot.But Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+,Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have microSD card slot ?”

How to share audio between two AirPods on your iPhone or iPad?

It’s easy to connect the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad, but how about two pairs? With Apple’s Audio Sharing feature, you are able to share the audio playing within minutes, without having to sacrifice one of your earbuds or stretch out your overear AirPods Max. Compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches The list ofContinue reading “How to share audio between two AirPods on your iPhone or iPad?”