Does Huawei P50/P50 Pro support wireless charging?

Despite US ban, Huawei finally launched the new “P” series, including the vanilla model Huawei P50 and the real flagship Huawei P50 Pro. As usual, they still do a great job in camera: the standard P50 has three rear shooters, with a 50MP main, 12MP periscope zoom and 12MP ultra-wide snapper. While the P50 ProContinue reading “Does Huawei P50/P50 Pro support wireless charging?”

Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support face unlock or fingerprint unlock?

OnePlus Nord 2 5G closely resembles the first Nord, no matter in size, weight, color, or internal specs, but it has also made some improvements, including the faster hardware which is based on Dimensity 1200, a better main camera with a new Sony IMX766 sensor, dual speakers, and a larger 4,500mAh battery with faster 65WContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support face unlock or fingerprint unlock?”

Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G have IR blaster and NFC?

OnePlus Nord 2 5G is a follow-up to the original Nord phone and has a lot of things in common with it, such as the outlook, the crisp display, 5G, and a decent amount of storage and speed. So, is OnePlus Nord 2 the same as its predecessor in IR blaster and NFC? Does OnePlusContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G have IR blaster and NFC?”

Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support dual SIM and micro SD?

OnePlus has been known for its high-end phones with a lower price than the competitor, and this time, it released a new one that is extremely competitive than other great options like Google Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. It features some impressive specs including a 50MP rear camera, 65W fast charging, and aContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support dual SIM and micro SD?”

Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?

It has been long since many high-end smartphones have come with an IP rating. As a flagship smartphone with a mid-range price, OnePlus Nord 2 5G is really mesmerizing for its large, bright screen, great camera, decent performance, robust battery life, and the excellent Oxygen OS software. Does it also come with an IP rating?Continue reading “Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?”

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo Switch has been launched for days, and it is widely known that it is only an improved version, rather than “Switch Pro” that many people had been hoping for. Improved features include the better kickstand, increased internal storage, brighter screen and other minor design tweaks. How about Bluetooth connection? Can you connect Bluetooth headphonesContinue reading “Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch OLED?”

Does GaN charger support fast charging?

Battery capacty is the eternal topic in handsets, tablets, and laptops. With the upgrade of battery capacity inside these electronics, manufacturers are also managing to develop fast charging technology in order to extend their lifespan, including Qualcomm QC (Quick Charge), OPPO VOOC, SCP (SuperCharge), HUAWEI FCP (FastCharge) and the very popular PD (Power Delivery). However,Continue reading “Does GaN charger support fast charging?”

How to listen to music on your Apple Watch

With the new watchOS 7, Apple Watch has a list of new features, for example, it enables you to unlock your Mac quickly and your iPhone while wearing a mask. However, you may not know that Apple has also made it much easier for you to stream music to your Apple Watch. Firstly you needContinue reading “How to listen to music on your Apple Watch”

Does OnePlus Nord N200 support fast charging?

Following the Nord N10 and Nord N100, in 2021 OnePlus has got a whole-new budget handset called Nord N200. You’ll own it for less than $300 (only $239.9), the least expensive 5G phone yet. Despite some drawback like LCD panel and camera output, this smartphone is worth consideration for those who are budget-conscious and stillContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord N200 support fast charging?”

What to do if your Macbook trackpad stops working

Problems with Macbook trackpad can make it hard for you to work and even lead to accidental loss or alteration of data. While you may want to disassemble your laptop, it is not necessarily to do so. Here are some simple steps that can help you to sort it out quickly and avoid similar issuesContinue reading “What to do if your Macbook trackpad stops working”