How does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look?

As a fan of Samsung Galaxy  series , You could be concened about  the news that Samsung Galaxy  will unpack two smartpone models:Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy  S20 lineup  on February,11. Speaking of the foldable phone, Motorola Razr can fold half nearly without any crease, which display perfect advanced technology.How could we expect from Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip? According to the leaks, Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip  adopted Ultra Thin Glass to make a tougher protective film,even has already exceeded the Galaxy Fold.

Dazzling Clamshell Purple Design

The most impressioned for the Galaxy phones  is the color . That is so dazzling and full of vitality. When you are at first glance of the Galaxy design , you are about to be in touched by the high-quality appearance. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a purple clamshell design,which is like a square change purse.So, It is very convient to carry on the go.But when you open it, it turns out a tall 6.7-inch “Infinity Flex” display with with its 22:9 aspect ratio. That is so cool. The screen is too big to comfortably hold it because of how wide it is .That is really a question. Here is another highlights :horizontal  crease ,not vertical one that Motorola Razr have. The clamshell design has a codename:” Bloom”, signifying newly-developing thing.There is another sweetheart design that the date time /notification are on the outside.

1372 Ultra Thin Glass for Display

The protective film of Galaxy Z Flip is not like other regular  phones. Galaxy Z Flip have the 1372 ultra thin glass that  can be applied to bendy handsets . I would like to say it is superior to the Motorola  Razar . The protective film is thin enough to hide the crease.Besides it is rather tougher than other regular phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a 6.7 inch and 2636 x 1080 pixels.Samsung is employing a Dynamic AMOLED display with support for HDR10+. This is a folding Infinity-O display in that it has a hole-punch for a single camera.

Sum up 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip plays a important role in the bend phone market.That is a price -valuable foldable phone. If you are interested in foldable handsets, this is a good choice .Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be a dural-camera setup on the rear/folded front.It will be able to move the viewfinder of the camera to match the position of the hinge. All in all, this is a perfect foldable phone.

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