Does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Have IR Blaster?

After different and incessant rumors, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most high-profile smartphones in 2018 without doubt. Even though we already knew some of the superiority, there’s still plenty to talk about. What can the S pen do? Does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 support 5G? Does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have IR blaster, etc? Speak of IR blaster and related issues, the answer is right here.

What is a Samsung IR Blaster?

Devices with an infrared blaster (or IR blaster) that emulate an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote control key presses. Samsung’s Infrared Blaster (or IR Blaster) is a device that transmits infrared signals. It controls a device that is normally operated only by pressing a remote control key. IR blaster needs to be paired with the Samsung’s Smart TV via Bluetooth. The most common use of an IR blaster is to allow a device to change the channel and control the options on an external device such as a cable box, set-top box, blu-ray player, DVD etc.

What’s the Advantage of Using IR Blaster?

● IR Blaster enables you to control connected external devices with TV using the Smart Touch Control.
● IR Blaster sends an IR signal into a corresponding external device.
● It gives freedom to operate connected devices through gesture and voice.
● Power switch to turn ON/OFF an IR blaster in order to save batteries life.
● Pairing button enables us to get connected with Smart TV via Bluetooth.

Does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Have IR Blaster?

It’s disappointing that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t have an IR blaster. That means the last time Samsung equipped with the IR blaster on the flagship device was the Galaxy S6. As for the Note series, it was the Galaxy Note 4 equipped with the IR blaster. If you are interested in the smartphones that have IR blaster or you want to purchase one IR blaster smartphone, Wikipedia already lists the devices with IR blaster.

Where Does IR Blaster Go?

The existence of a technology is inevitable, But Redditors already declared the IR blaster died two years ago. There is always new technology takes place of the older technology step by step. For example, the design of Zigbee has replaced the IR blaster control function. And more ways to teach you how to make an IR blaster. So far, there are only eight smartphones have IR blaster this year, the departure of IR blaster seems to be a trend.

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Does Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Have IR Blaster?》有3个想法

  1. That’s why – would you believe it – I’m still holding on to my Note 4 and still waiting for a decent phone to come out with both IR blaster and stylus to upgrade to. I’m seriously considering Huawei Mate 20x.


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