How long to charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0% to 100%


The promising Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ have been unveiled with an advanced camera and processor, surprisingly the pre-order price is $719 for S9 and $839 for S9+ respectively, which is actually lower than the debut price of  Galaxy S8/S8+ last year. The battery keeps the same at 3000 mAh on Galaxy S9 and 3500 mAh on Galaxy S9+, literally the time to fully charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ should be unchanged to be compared with Galaxy S8/S8+, but the new snapdragon 845 chip is definitely more efficient than snapdragon 835 inside Galaxy S8/S8+, probably it takes less time to charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0% to 100%.

Let’s first check out how long does it take to fully charge Galaxy S8/S8+?

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In a standard charging condition, I mean without any 3rd-party accessories, only the normal cable and adaptive wall charger that come in the box, it takes about 35 minutes to reach 50% from completely flat battery, and 82 minutes to fully charge Samsung Galaxy S8. With respect to Samsung Galaxy S8+, the charging time turns out to be 42 minutes to reach 50% and 96 minutes to become completely full.

Switch to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, as we haven’t got any model yet, following the testing result from the Youtuber  Jimmy,  it takes approximately 40 minutes to half charge Samsung Galaxy S9+ and 98 minutes to accomplish a full charge, which obviously didn’t meet the standard of charging 50% of battery within half an hour. While considering the large battery it features, the charging is quite fast, still better than most other phones on the market.

In a word, the performance of battery charging seems not be one of the key points for Samsung to highlight or improve, the time to fully charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ stays nearly unchanged with S8/S8+, the advanced processor doesn’t help much on reducing the charging duration.

How long to charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ by using wireless charging?

Samsung Galaxy S9 line is compatible with Qi wireless charging, Samsung official website hosts a new wireless charger, which is included in the accessories for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, the color availability is white and black, there is no detailed charging power index yet, I suggest it will be more advanced than the last generation pad. 

It takes around 2 hours and a half to wirelessly charge Samsung Galaxy S9, citing from the video from Tech Guy, he used the convertible fast charging stand from Samsung. Generally speaking, wireless charging is much less efficient than the wired solution, if you wanna experience faster wireless charging, some qualified 3rd party wireless charging pads are available on the table, like Anker PowerWave and Ravpower fast wireless charger.

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How long to charge Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0% to 100%》有3个想法

  1. 98 minutes for an S9?? 2.5 hours?? HAHAHAHAHA More like 4+hours using the Samsung wall charger that came with the phone. No better than the S6 I had. Piece of crap.

    1. Check if the phone is saying Cable Charging or Fast Charging, if it fails to handshake with the charger it will drop to a standard 5v 2a charge.

  2. 1 hour 36 minutes using adaptive from 20% to 100% . However there is an unpredictable additional minutes from 100% charged and the fully charged showing the green light which you want!


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