How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo?

How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo?1

In the current field of smart home, the use of smart speakers is a high frequency demand. Google has taken the lead in the field of artificial intelligence, but in the field of smart home Amazon took one step ahead. Google has launched Google Home since Amazon has sold Amazon Echo more than 3 million numbers since 2014.

Both Google Home and Amazon Echo are built-in artificial intelligence, what’s the difference between the two artificial intelligence products? How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo after all?

Hardware: Google Home is cheaper and offers a variety of colors.

How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo?2

Amazon Echo sells 180 dollars while Google Home sells for only 129 dollars. Amazon Echo built-in 7 microphones used to receive voice, and there are only two microphones built in Google Home. But Google points out that they have adopted a more sophisticated computer learning algorithm in the cloud, allowing two microphones to have the same voice recognition ability as seven microphones(Flagrant provocation to Amazon Echo).

But so far Amazon launched Amazon Echo for 2 years, there are only black and white customer can choose. While Google Home launched seven colors at one go without breath to replace the white cylinder body base, consumers can change it to different materials or colors according to their home furnishings.

Software: Google Home concentrates on artificial intelligence, natural semantic understanding and searching.

How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo?3

Compared to Amazon, Google Home can integrate their own calendar, email and other services due to Google has a strong service ecosystem, it is more able to master user information. For example, Google Home’s “My Day” feature can tell you the current time, weather, commute time and summary day trip.

Focus on the development of artificial intelligence allows Google Home to have more natural dialogue, rather than mechanical questions and answers. For example, although the assistant of Amazon Echo,Alexa, can assist customers in shopping on Amazon, but it needs answer many questions in order to let Alexa understand what you want to buy. And Google Home is able to understand the whole dialogue context, rather than just a single problem. When asked about the full name of Adele at the Google presentation, the next question then asked, “How many Grammy Awards she got?” Google could understand that “she” was “Adele” and answered positive solution.

Platform: Amazon Echo is able to more than 3000 skills, Google Home has the cross-platform advantage.

How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo?1

There is no doubt that Amazon Echo can set off a smart home whirlwind without no reason. Amazon integrated third-party applications with more than 3000 skills, including Uber service, order Pizza and other tasks; At the same time, Amazon Echo is the control center of intelligent household electrical appliance, you can control the lights, door locks, thermostats, and so on.

Google has a great advantage to cross-device, you can directly ask Google Home to play YouTube videos as long as your TV has Google Cast or Google Chromecast. In contrast, Amazon Echo achieve the same thing through cumbersome steps.

How does Google Home compare to Amazon Echo after all?Probably there is an answer in your mind.



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