Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Cases From EasyAcc


The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has been unveiled for a while, the stunning design and overwhelming specs delight most of Android customers out of question. Citing from the domestic report in South Korea, the pre-ordered amount had reached 550 thousand since the official pre-ordering channel opened on 7th April, which had crossed the mark made by Note 7 last year. Whatever the Note 7 explosion scandal had turned Samsung into, people are still looking forward to the new revolutionary Galaxy S8/S8+.

In order to avoid potential damage from accidents, you would better prepare a suitable Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ case for the upcoming  official sale on 21st April–not confirmed yet. However, the accessories always go first to keep your device running more smoothly and under protection.

We, EasyAcc wrapped up the customers’ needs, along with the combination of good-looking and practical functions, make a collection of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ cases for the users.

Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Cases From EasyAcc

1. EasyAcc TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Fits and protects your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in a most unobtrusive way.

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2. EasyAcc TPU Frame and Acrylic Back Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Flexible TPU frame ensures an easy installation. While the hard and clear acrylic back clearly reveals the natural beauty of your phone.

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Special code “262KATIN” for 20% OFF


3. EasyAcc Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Comprised of TPU skin and PC shell, the case offers a better defense for chances from daily scratches to challenging drops and bumps.

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Special code “SON9GRE3” for 30% OFF


4. EasyAcc Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Soft TPU layer, together with the tough and embossed PC shell, double the shield against messy fingerprints, daily scratches, and challenging shocks and impacts.

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5. EasyAcc Black TPU Case with Matte Finish for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Flexible TPU case fits your phone like a glove, and also solves the annoying problem of fingerprints and the accumulation of dust and oil.

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Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Cases From EasyAcc》有9个想法

  1. I had the note 7 but that was a fail so had to down grade to a s7 edge. Hoping to win the s8 as I can’t afford to upgrade now.


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