Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Car


A Bluetooth speaker for a car allows drivers to talk hands-free on their cell phones while they drive. It connects to a cell phone using Bluetooth technology, which transmits audio from a mobile to the speakerphone. By using a Bluetooth speaker, you can hear and be heard without having to use an earpiece or hold a phone while driving. Since more and more people tend to go out by car instead of walking, driving safely becomes a hot topic in today’s society. For the consideration of safety, using a Bluetooth speaker is absolutely a wise decision. Here i would like to introduce some high-performance Bluetooth speakers to you.

EasyAcc Mini 2 portable Bluetooth speaker—silver


EasyAcc Mini 2 delivers a stable connection for a consistent sound performance and is able to connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth, which makes it special among many Bluetooth speakers. What’s more, with its versatile modes merged, it is able to play your music via Bluetooth, SD card, auxiliary cable and the random radio makes the most of your music on the go. Thanks to the 1500mAh battery, a single charge achieves 10 hours playtime that allows you to enjoy the leisure moments for days, or throw a little party on.

UE Boom 2


The UE Boom has been a mainstay at the top of CNET’s best portable Bluetooth speakers list in the past couple of years for its good performance. It is a waterproof speaker which turns what used to be the best Bluetooth speaker around for most occasions into the best one for every occasion. Furthermore, its long-lasting battery life which reaches to 15 hours also bring it competitiveness.

Motorola Roadster Pro


The Motorola Roadster Pro uses four microphones for clear reception and has a decent one-hour battery life. It is considered to be the best Bluetooth car kit because it mixes quality and hands-free control with its voice control and motion sensor technology to skip songs, make and end phone conversations and even mute. This brand’s excellent noise and echo cancellation design puts it at one of the top spots and has earned the top ten reviews gold award.



This is the best sound you will get out of a speakerphone style car Bluetooth kit. It uses a triple-set of 7-watt speakers to give you virtual “surround” quality even when you are not using the FM feature. Whether running it through the speakers of your car or straight from the on-board drivers you will be able to hear music crisply and voices will come through loud and clear. It uses the A2DP system to help pump up the volume and ensure that GPS directions, vocals, and whoever you are reaching out and touching are easy to understand.

According to our research, the above four have high performance both in quality and design and fits people’s needs in varieties of aspects. We also noticed that among them, EasyAcc Mini 2 has the highest performance for its long-lasting battery life and perfect sound effect. Also, its versatile modes merging makes it available in many circumstances.By the way, if you are ready to by an EasyAcc now there will be a 20 percent discount for you. You can get the discount successfully by using the discount code: RKH75IOM. Click here to visit Amazon discount page

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  1. Great list! The UE Boom 2 is a particularly powerful and durable speaker, especially suited for outdoor use. I have had mine for some time and take it everywhere with me.


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