Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder

Apple pencil has been a necessary companion of ipad pro users as it works great for taking notes or for artwork on the iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9. However, the problem is how easy it is to lose the cap and USB adapter. While the Apple pencil cap is magnetic and stays in place on the Pencil, it’s easily misplaced when removed for charging. In this way, Apple failed their customers by not designing the tablet with a way to keep the Apple Pencil secured with the iPad pro 9.7 and iPad pro 12.9.

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder

To protect the Apple pencil from break during charging and keep it with the iPad Pro, a good Apple pencil holder is necessary, such as Apple pencil case, ipad pro case with pencil holder, and Apple pencil magnetic sleeve.


Don’t risk losing or damaging your Apple Pencil – PencilMate


Get the ultimate accessory for your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. PencilMate offers a simple and effective solution for attaching your Apple Pencil to your iPad Pro. Different versions and multiple colours available – for naked ipad pro, ipad pro with silicon cover and for pros using Logitech keyboard. PencilMate can be detached or reattached easily and offers the perfect Apple Pencil holder. Below the video shows how to use this pencil holder.

Tiny pocket for both the Apple pencil and the cap – Stylus Sling

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder: stylus sling

When you’re on the move with your iPad Pro, the last thing you want to do is misplace your Pencil. The stylus sling pocket fits the Apple Pencil perfectly. Fit the elastic loop over the iPad Pro cover with the Apple Pencil pocket facing out. Its uniform thickness keeps it from making the iPad wobbly when used with the Smart Cover in stand mode. A tiny, snug pocket is built into the sling especially for holding the USB adapter.


You can also learn How to make an Apple Pencil holder for iPad Pro below, Apple pencil holder diy:

Apple pencil holder for iPad pro – Moxiware Apple pencil magnetic sleeve

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder: moxiware magnetic sleeve

This Moxiware Apple Pencil magnetic sleeve is with greater flexibility and allows you to easily attach your pencil to the iPad Pro 12.9″ and 9.7″. No matter you are putting the ipad away, using the iPad pro with the keyboard, or using it for note taking, this magnetic sleeve can attach your pencil to your device securely. Check details below in the video:

Elegant handmade protection – Fragment wooden Apple pencil holder case

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder: fragment apple pencil wood case

Protect your investment with this handmade wood case for your valuable Apple Pencil. This Apple pencil case from Fragment features magnetic closure with a positive “click” while closing. The rubber bumper inside can offer you a good protection for the pencil point. Different wood including maple and walnut are available.


Protect both your iPad pro and Apple pencil – EasyAcc iPad pro sleeve

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder: easyacc ipad pro sleeve

With the dimension of 340 x 245 x 15mm, this EasyAcc felt sleeve is compatible with iPad pro 12.9 and give it a full protection. Apple pencil holder ipad pro. The highlight of the sleeve design lies in the streamline cutting and the two useful pockets to put your cards, notes, and more importantly, it can serve as an Apple pencil holder. Soft and environmentally friendly material applied in producing this sleeve so that it can provide more secure protection for the Apple pencil.


Adding an Apple pencil holder to the useful but fragile tiny pencil protects it from damage, breaks and lost. If you have better recommendation of Apple pencil case, Apple pencil magnetic holder or other adapters, leave your answer in comment and we’ll have a discuss.

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  1. hi i was just wondering what case is that in the picture it is the first picture you see with the cup of coffee next to it but yet not included in this article please let me know asap thank you

    1. Hi, It’s certainly too late for you but if someone is interested in its leather case on this image, it could be find on (HarberLondon shop)


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