How To Add Wireless Charging To HTC 10

HTC 10 wireless charging

Why the HTC 10 doesn’t have wireless charging? And how to get it?

HTC 10 with classical metal design makes it a fashion to review and search more about it. Fans of all-metal smartphones will like that HTC 10 have done for you. Hold the HTC 10 in hand, you will feel like you spent money on something substantial. It’s solid. There aren’t squishy or moving parts. All in one, this is a very pretty smartphone, even compared with iPhone 6. HTC 10 vs iPhone 6

HTC 10 wireless charging

But do you have this question: 

“Why the HTC 10 doesn’t come with wireless charging?”

The launch of the HTC 10 was pretty predictable, but one thing that made me a little bit disappointed is the lack of wireless charging.

But Darren Sng, head of global product marketing for HTC, explained the reason: “[The issues with] metal can be overcome, but that’s not the reason we haven’t done it [on the HTC 10]. Wireless charging is convenient, but we believe faster charging is better.” So the HTC 10 is equipped with the Quick Charge 3.0 for fast charging speed. Here to see top five fast charging Power Banks for HTC 10.

Need for speed

Qualcomm has offered some proof of concept ideas to overcome the issue of metal blocking the wireless charging signal, so HTC could bring wireless charging to HTC 10 only if it wants to.

Samsung has offered both wireless charging standards in its Galaxy S phones for the last two years. And the Samsung also claimed that wireless speeds that are faster than some company’s walled charger methods.

But one more good news for all HTC fans who wants the Qi wireless charging!

You can add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone for under $10 with the DigiYes Micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Module (port B works for most HTC devices). 

Just plug it into the micro USB port on your phone, wrap it around the back and hold it in place with your favorite smartphone case.

The guy in this video has successfully used the it with the HTC One (M8), HTC One (M7), Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 9 and a half dozen other Android devices without any issues.

Want something new and interesting? Just have a try!

How to add wireless charging to HTC 10 and other Android Smartphone?

But be careful, the wireless charging receiver in the video is not the Type-C port, so if you want to let your HTC 10 or Nexus 6P with the wireless charging function, please remember to buy the receiver with the Type-Port.

You can also add wireless charging for mobile phones in all types with the wireless charging receiver. 

Wireless charging receiver with the Type-Port for HTC 10 and Nexus 6P

Wireless Charging Receiver: HTC 10 Nexus 6P

But is seems like that the HTC 10 TPC case is necessary for you, because you need to fix on the small gadget with your HTC 10. >>EasyAcc HTC 10 TPU Case with best price.

 HTC 10 wireless charging


Here to see top 5 best case for HTC 10

How To Add Wireless Charging To HTC 10》有5个想法

  1. Ummm, you guys realize that the HTC 10 has USB Type C plug and that these will not work, right?

    1. Thanks so much, Micheal.
      I just forgot to remind our visitor to take the wireless charging receiver with the type-c Port, not the one with Micro ports.

  2. Great idea. To improve that I would like to see one that is completely invisible. In other words make it as flat as possible and make it in the same colors the phone comes in so then you can place it on the outside of your phone cover and then there is no need to worry that it looks ugly. I don’t use a case and I don’t plan on it the one that just sticks to the back of the phone would be great. Got my fingers crossed hope you make one.

  3. It block the port from reg charging, I want a case that makes it wireless charging with a port for plug in fast charge, wireless charging is a convenience not a main way to charge, get in the car toss the phone on the wireless pad, sit down at your desk toss it on a pad, so on and so on


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