Frequent Question for EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth problem

If there is any problem happened in Bluetooth, please make sure that you have opened the Bluetooth in you device and the distance between device and Bluetooth speaker is closer than 3 feet without blocked by any barrier. After these, if your problem is still there, please delete the matching record of speaker in your device.

When you open the speaker, if there is no light in LED and Bluetooth can’t be connected, you need to check if the speaker is out of power. If not, then your speaker may be broken. If the LED light and the voice reminder work well but no Bluetooth connection, you can check if it asks about Pin number “0000” or if other device can get connected. You can also reopen speaker or Bluetooth to retry.

Loud noisy bothered in Bluetooth connection means that the speaker have problem in Bluetooth module, and the connecting distance is depend on speaker, smartphone brand, and environmental disturbance. However, if the bluetooth connected normally but there is no sound coming up, there are some special solutions here.

EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

Battery and charging problem

In order to extend long-term performance of built-in battery for speakers, please turn off the speaker when charging, especially when it is low battery. If the built-in battery consumed quickly or unable to be charged, either user didn’t use it in a right way or there is problem with the battery itself.

EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

Radio problem

There may be problem that radio can’t be used or receive program. The radio function in our Bluetooth speaker is just able to get short wave with earphones as antenna. So, please remember to use earphones.EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

Hands-free device problem

Please do not leave built-in microphone far than 0.65 feet to use the hands-free calls, or you may hard to hear the voice from the call.

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Frequent Question for EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker》有21个想法

  1. Hello

    I have an LX839 Bluetooth Speaker that is less than 6months old. It has been working perfectly up until yesterday when the power seems to have died out of it? When plugged in to recharge nothing happens and no LED lights are showing?
    I am extremely disappointed and a little angry that this has happened as the item is still quite new
    Can you offer any advice please?


    Lora Archer

    1. May I ask whether the product was manufactured by EasyAcc? If so, our customer service agent will contact you via email after your confirmation message. If not, I suggest you to contact the seller to check the problem, I doubt it’s due to the battery defect.

  2. I am trying to find a bluetooth speaker that could be paired with a bluetooth headset to provide voice amplification for someone with a weak voice. Would the EasyAcc mini portable speaker pair up successfully with Pla`ntronics Explorer 50 to achieve this?

    1. Honestly, apply a bluetooth speaker to amplify the headset voice is not a very wise idea, I’m afraid that the volume of headset could not be affected by the speaker for now. If you are not satisfied with the headset voice, you can find Easyacc bluetooth headset at page

  3. I received an LX-839 as a Christmas present and it was working fine until the other day, now it won’t charge at all. When it’s plugged in the ring doesn’t light up or sore any indication of charging.

    1. I’m afraid that I couldn’t find an item of LX-839 under the EasyAcc products, could you please contact the customer service claimed on the manual?

  4. I have an easyacc lx-839 Bluetooth Speaker that has also stopped charging. The lead and charger are ok, no charging LED when plugged in, the light works as it flashes blue when switched on. This is only the second time I have charged the speaker?

    1. Dear Karl, if there’s no problem with the charger and cable, I’m afraid that you need to contact our customer service by sending email to , please kindly accept our apologies for your inconvenience.

  5. My easyacc lax-839 won’t connect to anything or show up on my phone via Bluetooth. Everything else is working fine. The blue flashing lights comes on but it won’t connect

  6. I recieved my speaker a few days ago. is there an indication that it will need charging?

  7. Please help. Mine is model lx 839. This does not charge, but is functiong when charge/connected to the socket.

    1. Hi Connie, if it’s not able to be recharged, there might be something wrong with the internal battery, if it’s still under warranty please contact the customer service for further assistance,thank you.

  8. My EasyAcc MC2 speaker has suddenly developed a fault. The sound is very weedy and tinny and the volume has dropped considerably. It is fully charged and is next to my laptop. I have tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it a few times but the problem remains. It has been a brilliant speaker so far. I would be very grateful if you have any ideas about what the problem is. Thanks.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. Please contact with a detailed description of the problem, if you can shoot a video for demonstration that would be perfect to help us find the problem. Thanks and have a nice day.


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