Hey #PowerCatcher, We Value Your Every Choice!

Hey #PowerCatcher, We Need Your Help!

For our next generation of power bank design, we got stuck with the color choice. We just wanna show all you the best; while, always, it’s the most difficult part to complete. 

Which Look or Color you think is the best? Tell us your choice with the comment A, B, C, D, E, or F. Surely, we welcome all your multiple choice; after all, it is not that easy to make a color choice:) If possible, feel free to let us know why you’ve made that selection, for example, the color Red shows my personality. 

Bonus: One lucky person will win the EasyAcc Cable-in 4,000mAh Power Bank. 

Media Center Market Survey

More details:


Bonus Prize:

Cable-in Power Bank 4000mAh

Win more with lucky: Giveaways: Win Castle Clash Free Gems and EasyAcc Gaming Headset & Gaming Mouse

11 thoughts on “Hey #PowerCatcher, We Value Your Every Choice!

  1. Hi EasyAcc,
    I would prefer:
    C because I like the red and white.
    D because it looks more “simple” and fits better into the office.


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